Meter Rates.

Meter Rates.

A correspondent at Zanesville, O., sends us the following :

The Dayton newspapers are in ecstacies over the reduction in water rents recently made by the trustees of water-works in that city. It is claimed by them that the rates charged there are “ lower than anywhere else in the country where water-works are in use.”

This statement may be true of other towns and cities, but it is not true of Zanesville, as the following comparison of rates plainly shows : In Dayton the lowest family water rent per annum is $4 ; in this city it is $3.70; the meter rate in Dayton is from eight cents to fifteen cents per 1000 gallons, in this city the rate is six cents per 1000 gallons, and under the rule in the meter rates hut four cents per 1000 gallons.

To more fully illustrate the difference in the meter rates, take the following brief table of costs:

Again, the water rents in Dayton last year amounted, in round numbers, to $63,000, and in this city the rents equaled $32,000. And yet the number of taps to the mains are about the same in both places. 1’he income per tap averaged in Dayton $13.41; in Zanesville $8.07.

It may be asserted without fear of successful contradiction that the city of Zanesville furnishes water for domestic and all other purposes at a much lower cost to consumers than does any other water-works in the State.

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