The report of the Committee on Tabulation of Water Rates and other Information of Interest to Water Companies, presented to the American Water Works Association at its convention in Philadelphia, in May of this year, contained a wealth of facts and figures concerning meterage in something like three hundred cities in the United States, tabulated to show the number of meters in service, the percentage of taps metered, whether owned and maintained by city or company; whether metering is optional with city or consumer and other information concerning when meters are read, the requirement of cash deposits, the amount of such deposits and whether interest is paid on deposits. The data was compiled by F. C. Jordan, C. C. Wray and W. G. Ulrich, of the Indianapolis Water Company, May, 1914. The committee was made up of Mr. Jordan, chairman, and A. Prescott Folwell, F. H. Dunham, F. H. Shaw and George G. Earl. In presenting their report the committee expressed its appreciation of the courtesy of water works superintendents who furnished information to the committee.

Cities That Are 100 Per Cent. Metered.

Thirty-three cities in the list are 100 per cent, metered. They are Pine Bluffs, Ark.; San Diego, Cal.; Athens, Ga.; Aurora, Ill.; Decatur, Ill.; Oak Park, Ill.; Gary, Ind.; Sioux City, la.; Lexington, Ky.; Alexandria, La.; New Orleans, La.; Arlington, Mass.; Framingham, Mass.; Springfield, Mass.; Winthrop, Mass.; Holland, Mich.; Jackson, Mich.; Owosso, Mich.; Geneva, N. Y.; Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Olean, N. Y.; Yonkers, N. Y.; Elyria, O.; Duquesne, Pa.; Columbia, S. C.; Galveston, Tex.; Miami, Fla.; Downey, Ida.; Lake Forest, Ill.; Danville, Ky.; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Canandaigua, N. Y„ and Waukesha, Wis.

Compulsory Meterage.

As to whether metering is optional or compulsory about eighty localities are listed as compulsory. They include New Britain, Conn.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Atlanta and Macon. Ga.; Aurora, Champaign, Ill.; Decatur, Dixon, Freeport, Oak Park, Rockford, Springfield, Ill.; Brazil, Ind.; Chelsea, Clinton, Everett, Framingham, Malden, New Bedford, Summerville, Winthrop, Mass; Battle Creek, Holland, Ishpenning, Jackson, Ludington, Mich; St. Paul, Minn.; Jackson, Miss.; Omaha, Neb.; Dover, N. H.; Garfield, N. J.; Newark, N. J.; Binghampton, N. Y.; Dunkirk, Geneva, Gloversville, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Olean, Schenectady, Waterford, N. Y.; Asheville, Wilmington, N. C.; Grand Forks, N. D.; Columbus, Elyria, Fremont, Marion, Middletown, Newark, Warren, O.; Oklahoma, Shawnee, Okla.; Duquesne, Pa.; Columbia, S. C.; Galveston, Tex.; Richmond, Roanoke, Va.; Seattle, Wash.; Beloit, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Superior, Wis.; Dayton, Fla.; Downey. Idaho; Danville Ka.; Brunswick, Me.; Mount Clemens, Mich.; Yazoo City, Miss.; Excelsior Springs, Mo.; Canandaigua, N. Y.; Waukesha, Wis., and New’port. Ky.

Optional With City and Consumer.

The following cities are listed as optional with city and consumer: Phoenix, Ariz.; Fort Smith, Ark.; Stockton, Cal.; Colorado Springs, Col.; Meridian Conn.; New London, Conn.; Wilmington, Del.; Tampa, Fla.; Cairo, Ill.; Quincy, Ill.; Streator, Ill.; Anderson, Ind.; Hammond, Ind.; Kokomo, Ind.; New Castle, Ind.; Sonuth Bend, Ind.; Terre Haute. Ind.; Clinton, Iowa; Des Moines. Iowa; Muscatine, Iowa; Ottumwa, Iowa; Atkinson, Kans.; Fort Scott, Kans.; Lawrence, Kans.; Parsons, Kans.; Pittsburg, Kans.; Wichita, Kans.; Henderson, Ky.; Cambridge City, Mass.; Haverhill, Mass.; Lynn, Mass.; Bay City, Mich.; Marquette, Mich.; Saginaw, Mich.; Virginia, Minn.; St. Joseph, Mo.; Springfield, Mo.; Missoula, Mont.; Keene, N. H.; Manchester, N. H.; Camden, N. J.; Albuquerque, N. M.; Las Vegas, N. M.; Ogdensburg, N. Y.; Rensselaer, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y.; Wilmington, N. C.; Sprinfigfield, O.; Meadville, Pa.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Reading, Pa.; Sharon, Pa.: Providence. R. I.; Charleston, S. C.; Nashville, Tenn.; San Antonio, Tex.; Temple, Tex.; Ogden. Utah; Burlington, Vt.; Lynchburg, Va.; Walla Walla, Wash.; Ashland, Wis.; Marinette. Wis.; Racine, Wis.; National City. Col.; Reedley, Col.; Valparaiso. Ind.; Conneaut. O.; New Holland. Pa.; North East, Pa.. and Waukesha, Wis.

Five Thousand or More Meters.

The following cities are listed as having 5,000 or more meters in service: San Diego, Cal. 12,681; San Francisco, Cal . 17,923; Hartford. Conn, 13,105; Wilmington, Del., 7,574; Washington, D. C., 31.103: Jacksonville, Fla., 7,308: Atlanta. Ga., 24,670; Decatur, Ill., 5.492; Oak Park, Ill., 5.043; Rockford. Ill., 8,116; Davenport, la., 5.800; Des Moines, la., 14.553; Sioux City, la., 6.221; New Orleans, La.. 32,873; Cambridge, City, Mass., 5,045; Fall River, Mass., 8,988; Lynn, Mass., 7,141; Malden, Mass., 7,400; New Bedford, Mass, 9,998; Summerville, Mass., 7.164; Springfield. Mass.. 13.407; Battle Creek, Mich., 5,769; Deroit, Mich., 10,807; Jackson, Mich., 6,175; Duluth, Minn., 6,552; Minneapolis, Minn., 42,000; St. Paul, Minn., 19,584; Kansas City, Mo., 25,269; Omaha, Neb., 20,593; Manchester. N. H., 5,689; Newark, N. J., 24,729; Paterson. N. J., 8,438; Jamestown, N. Y., 6,000; Mount Vernon, N. Y., 5,000; New Rochelle, N. Y., 25,114; Utica, N. Y., 12,411; Yonkers, N. Y., 8,886; Cincinnati, O., 25,490; Columbus, O.. 26,769; Portland, Ore., 13,221; Providence, R. I., 26,298; Memphis, Tenn; 12,451; Nashville, Tenn., 13,320; Galveston, Tex., 6,041; Richmond, Va., 18,739; Seattle, Wash., 31,890; Madison, Wis., 5,453; Milwaukee, Wis., 57,657; Racine, Wis., 5,574.

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