Meters Make Good Showing in Minneapolis

Meters Make Good Showing in Minneapolis

The current report of the rigistrar of waterworks for Minneapolis shows it to be a city fast coming to a completely metered basis. For the year reported 3,030 new meters were installed. The city books have 33,500 accounts with water consumers, as follows: Flate rate, active accounts. 7,27 : flat rate, turned off, 528; metered rate, active, 25,200: meters, turned off.

8-t I fire service account not metered 102. The above figures disclose that 70.4 per cent, of all the services are metered and in that connection the following table is presented showing the average consumption in million gallons per day. the per-capita consumption per day and the percentage which metered services are to the total service for the years mentioned.

This decrease in per capita consumption a= the number of meters installed increases is it line with the experience of other water depart ments. Most of the services that are noi metered are small buildings, having no hath.or closets. It is the policy of the department to require meters to be set on these service* when new fixtures are added and where then is a waste of water.

The cost of pumping water for 1908 a? compared with the last two previous yean shows a substantial decrease in expense. It: 1906 there were 6,426,000.000 gal. pumped, at a cost of $61,2.75.49, or a per-capita cost of $9.82 The following year the pumpage was 6,420, 000,000 gal. at a cost of $58,784.07, a per-capita cost of $9.15. For 1908 the pumpage was 6,526,000,000 gal. at the reduced cost of $50,068.84 at a per-capita cost of $7.67. The percapita daily consumption, estimated on a basis of 215.000 inhabitants, is 56.6 gal.

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