Method of Drying Hose

Method of Drying Hose

In a recent issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, there appeared a reply to a reader who described information on the drying of hose. Since then, information has been obtained on a system patented by Chief F. Dubois, Kenora, Ont.

The hose is fastened at the male end and hoisted to the top of the tower by means of a pulley that is swivelly mounted. At the top of the tower there is a rack from which the hose is hung. The inventor claims that only one man is required to lower the hose and that all hose is lowered from the tower from the ground floor.

Andover, Mass., May Purchase New Apparatus—Andover, Mass., is considering plans to purchase a pumper.

Winchester, Mass., Holds Annual Ball—-The annual ball of the Winchester, Mass., Firemen’s Mutual Aid Association was held on February 4, in the town hall. Chief David A. DeCourcy acted as chairman of the reception committee and floor marshal.

Massachusetts Chiefs Attend Fire—As a grand finish to the annual ball of the Attleboro, Mass., fire department, a serious fire was reported. Chief Fred A. Clark ordered a second alarm. Among the visiting chiefs who hastened to the fire were Chief Fred A. Leonard of Taunton; Chief Earl H. Batchelder of Centerdale, R. I.; Chief Almond of Central Falls; Chief Tufts of North Attleboro; Chief Baker of Seekonk and Ex-chief Patt of Central Falls.

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