Method of Laying Hose

Method of Laying Hose

Chief P. E. DePaul, Vancouver. Wash., has submitted the following data on methods used by the Vancouver Fire Department in laying hose.

The method of laying two 1 1/2-inch hose from hydrant to fire is as follows: The hydrant man. No. 1. takes the hydrant as instructed while the driver, No. 3, lays the 2 1/2-inch hose to fifty feet beyond the fire. A third man, No. 2, puts on the clamp, lays the Y on the ground and takes one of the 1 1/2-inch lines into the building with a fog nozzle and a five-eights-inch tip. No. 3 breaks the 2 1/2-inch hose and connects the same to the Y. No. 1, after turning on the water, proceeds into the fire and assists in the line operation.

The method of laying two 1 1/2-inch lines from fire to hydrant is as follows: No. 1 lays the Y on the ground, then stretches both 1 1/2-inch lines out to the rear of the rig about fifty or sixty feet, and holds them down. No. 2 connects up 2 1/2-inch hose to the Y and removes enough hose to reach the building. No. 3 stops the rig fifty feet before the building involved and remains in the seat until given the signal to proceed by No. 2. He drives to the hydrant, connects up. and turns on the water.

The method of laying two 1 1/2-inch lines forward and reverse is as follows: No. 1 takes the hydrant. No. 3 lays the hose, and No. 2 puts on the clamp, lays the Y on the ground, and starts in the direction of the fire with both 1 1/2-inch lines. No. 3 breaks 2 1/2-inch coupling and connects the Y, using the double male, then picks up Y and helps overhaul. bringing the Y to the entrance of the building, and proceeding from there to help No. 2. After completing work at the hydrant, No. 1 breaks the 2 1/2inch coupling, and connects it to the other 2 1/2-inch coupling, using the double female. He then releases the clamp.

Illustrating the Method
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