Methyl Bromide Used to Fight Fires

Methyl Bromide Used to Fight Fires

Methyl bromide gas has been developed by an English company to fight fires and it has been successful in extinguishing carbon disulphide, ether, hydrogen, calcium carbide and other fires.

The gas is marketed in liquid form and there is some loss of the gas in making it change to the liquid state.

Tests have proven that the gas is about twenty-five times as effective as carbon tetrachloride and that it is safe to use on electrical fires. Methyl bromide vaporizes rapidly upon contact with heat and it is non-corrosive. Neither has it a toxic effect on the fire-fighter, according to tests carried on by Sir Leonard Hill.

A central fire station of Tudor design has been formally dedicated at Sea Cliff. N. Y. It was erected at a cost of $60,000.

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