Mexican City Has Novel Plan of Water Rates

Mexican City Has Novel Plan of Water Rates

A system of water rates that is somewhat like the plan of the United States Income Tax Bureau, is in force at Mexicali, Southern California.

In the past, water consumers of Mexicali have been paying at the rate of $1.50 for 30,000 liters (7.926 gallons), with additional charges for excess amounts. The new rates, which will be of great value to the poorer class of people, will be three pesos monthly for those who own one small home: the middle class will pay five pesos and the wealthier property owners will pay 10 pesos. Under this rate, the people will be allowed to use all the water they care to without paying an excess charge. No matter how little water is used during the month the rate will be the same. This change will become effective on September 1 and will be taken off the August water bills.

“This reduction of the water rate will mean a big thing for Mexicali,” Mayor Palacio said. “It will be possible for the owner of a small house in the poorest section of the town to plant a garden, grass and flowers and keep them watered. They can use all the water they want at a rate that is cheaper, I believe, than any rate in the Imperial Vally or Southern California.

“Mexicali needs trees and lawns to help in the plan of beautifying the city. The property owners are the ones to do this planting but if they cannot afford to use sufficient water to keep things green it is useless to plant them. Under this rate the beautification of the city can go ahead with everyone hearing the share of the expense that they can best afford.”

The Mexicali water system is operated by the city and draws its supply from four wells located at the outer edge of the town. The water from these wells is not treated by chemicals hut is purified by a modern filter system. Recently machinery experts of the Fairbanks-Morse Company, which installed the plant, made an inspection and pronounced the mechanical portion of the water works as perfect. The same verdict has been given by sanitary experts.

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