Miami Beach Has New Station

Miami Beach Has New Station

Each community has its own peculiar factors that must be considered when a design is made for a new fire station. In the new fire station for Miami Beach, Fla., in addition to the importance of pleasing building lines, the architect had to consider protection from hurricanes, for the city is in the belt that frequently is visited by tropical winds.

The building, which is illustrated on the cover of this issue, is located in the center of a fine residential district. Therefore, it was deemed important that the new station reflect the character of the surrounding buildings. As the formal style seemed to lend itself more readily to this need, the building was designed along the lines of a modernized Georgian style.

The station has a two-story portico, with slender steel columns, which add a feeling of grace and seem fitting for a building of a semi-public character. Louvre shutters at the windows operate for hurricane protection. All material that was used in building construction was selected for performance and low up-keep.

In designing the building, attention was given to the fact that the station would be used as a haven during the tropical storms. Storm protection was provided for all exterior openings. The station has emergency lighting and substitute cooking and heating facilities, when the city utilities are not available.

The station was erected at a cost of $50,000, of reinforced concrete and brick veneer. All floors are Terrazo. The apparatus floor has glazed tile walls to a height of ten feet. The roof is of 10inch concrete slab and pitched slate tile.

Modernistic hollow tube chrome steel furniture is provided. Beds are the Simmons hospital type. The kitchen has a gas refrigerator and range and each room is equipped with emergency gas light. All the windows have Venetian blinds, and, with the exception of the apparatus doors, all doors are of mahogany.

J. S. Stephenson is Chief of the Miami Beach Fire Department.

Three Inside Views of the New Station office and lobbya part of the loungedormitory.

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