Miami Sends Apparatus To Bogota, Colombia

Miami Sends Apparatus To Bogota, Colombia

Miami’s Fire Commissioner J. L. Plummer, Jr., flew to Bogota, Colombia, in December to make formal presentation of surplus equipment to that city and nearby suburban towns in connection with the Miami-Bogota sister cities program. Included in the transfer are 159 communications tranceivers, a bus, two utility trucks, a fire engine and a police car.

Although costing the city many thousands of dollars when new, the used, but serviceable, equipment has little resale value on the open market in the United States, according to City Manager P. W. Andrews.

Our past experience has been that while equipment such as this has little value here, it has been of great value to those wanting to put it in top working order,” Andrews said.

“This is an ideal arrangement because the Colombians have the ability to renovate the equipment, and the interest to devote the time necessary to keep it in top shape.”

Plummer, in speaking with fire officials visiting Miami from Sogamoso, a city in the state of Bogota w’hich will receive the fire engine, enthusiastically explored other ideas which could lead to future equipment transfers to benefit the Colombian people.

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