Michigan Firemen Hold Convention

Michigan Firemen Hold Convention

The fifty-first annual convention of the Michigan State Firemen’s Association was held at Grand Rapids, Mich, on June 9 to 11. there being a large attendance of delegates present. The Convention was opened at the Hotel Pantland. at one o’clock, by President William Kuhn, who introduced Mayor Elvin Swarthout and Lee H. Bierce. Those gentlemen welcomed the visitors and extended to them the hospitality of the city Following this meeting the delegates were guests on a tour of inspection of the Berkey & Gay Furniture factory.

In the evening, headed by the Metropolitan hand, the delegates marched to the Westminster Presbyterian church where the service of memorial was conducted by Dr. William Samuel Hess, pastor. Sixteen members of the organization have died during the year.

Filedrical Fires were discussed by George Cotton. municipal electrical inspector of Grand Rapids. I. G. Hoagland, New York, discussed automatic control of fire and sprinkler sys terns. Flarrv K. Rogers of the Western Actuarial bureau ol Chicago, fire-fighter and entertainer, put on a program for children of North Division school during the afternoon session in the Pantland ballroom.

Mr. Rogers spoke on fire prevention at the morning session and Chester Scanlon of Bloomington, Ill., on oil hurtling equip ment. Discussion was led hv State Fire Marshal Lane and Marshal George Boughner, chief of the Grand Rapids fire department.

Women attending the convention were guests at Ramona theatre on the afternoon of June 11 following a tour of the city in the Grand Rapids Railway company’s new electric coaches.

A parade of the Grand Rapids fire department was held on the evening of the tenth, with a demonstration in the rapidity of answering an alarm of fire.

The following officers were elected for tile coming year: F’rank Riddle, Caro, president; W. G. Heasley, Zeeland, first vice president; Chief John Krutzberger, Saginaw, second vice president; Fred P. Higgins, assistant marshal, Grand Rapids, third vice president; H. L. Williams, I.udington. secretary and treasurer and William Brockless, Saginaw, statistician. W yandotte was selected as the next convention city.

Fred Armstrong of the state fire marshal’s office addressed the delegates on the fire hug menace and declared that the arsonist, the pyromaniac and the thrill-seeker must he stamped out.

The visitors were taken to lire station No. 1 where a speed demonstration was given, the firemen getting water on the roof of a six-story building within one minute after starting from the engine house.

Clovis, Cal.. Considers Fire Equipment—The Chamber of Commerce held a meeting recently to consider better fire equipment for Clovis, Cal.

Cordelia, Cal., Organized Fire Department—The people of Green Valley and Suisan Valley were enthusiastic over the organization of the Cordelia fire department.

Suit on Chlorination Patents— The suit to sustain the Ornstein Patent for the application of chlorine to sterilize water and sewage, brought by the Electro Bleaching Gas Company of New York City, owners of the patent, and Wallace & Tienian Co., Inc., of Newark, N. J., licensees under the patent, against the Paradon Engineering Company of Long Island i ity, was concluded on June 17lh in the U. S. District Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. Decision is expected shortly.

New Representatives Darling Valve— E. S. Boyd and R. K. Johnson have been appointed New York representatives for the Darling Valve & Mfg. Co., to succeed the late H. D. I borpe. Tiie offices will remain in the Singer Building as heretofore, anil their territory will embrace northern New Jersey, southern New York and Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Mr. Thorpe, who had been with the company for many years, died two months ago following a throat operation.

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Michigan Firemen Hold Convention


Michigan Firemen Hold Convention

The Michigan State Firemen’s Association held its fiftieth annual convention on July 15 to 17 at Saginaw, Mich., it being the largest and most enthusiastic meeting that the association has held in many years.

The subjects of the papers read and discussed ranged from the small village chief’s troubles with inadequate apparatus to schoolhouse fires and large town equipment. On Wednesday afternoon a pageant parade was held, which showed the Saginaw fire department from the days of the bucket brigade through all the stages down to the present time and emphasized its splendid modern equipment. On Monday evening in the auditorium memorial services were held and rollcall answered for one hundred Michigan firemen who have passed away during the last year.

Among the veterans who were noted as being present was Ex-Chief Henry McCarty, of Fremont and Ex-Chief J. G. Bohnett, of Battle Creek, both of who assisted in organizing the association at Battle Creek fifty years ago. Both of these members spoke and gave some interesting information with regard to the early days of the association. Chief Bohnett. who owns to 79 years and looks about 65, told the boys that he expected to be on hand for the hundredth anniversary of the association. There was a lively contest between Grand Rapids, Lansing and Flint for the 1925 convention. Lansing and Grand Rapids were represented at the convention by brass bands. The final vote gave the 1925 convention to Grand Rapids, the date to be set later.

H. L. Williams, superintendent of water works, Lansing, Mich., is secretary of the Michigan State Firemen’s Association.

Factory Rates Cut at Gresham, Ore.—A reduction of the water rates to a flat basis of 12 cents per hundred cubic feet has been made at Gresham, Ore., for local industrial plants. Heretofore the charge to industries has been the same as that for domestic use, $1.25 for 400 cubic feet, 18 cents per hundred for the next 15,000 feet, and 15 cents per hundred for all amounts above 15,400 cubic feet. It is believed that a slight profit will accrue to the city, even at this reduced rate.