Michigan State Firemen Hold Convention

Michigan State Firemen Hold Convention

The forty-ninth annual convention of the Michigan State Firemen’s Association was held on July 10 to 12 at South Haven, Mich. There was a large attendance of firemen from every part of the state, and the entertainment by the convention city and the local department was excellent. A large parade was a feaure of the convention and the business sessions were interesting and well attended.

Chief Fred W. Griswold of the fire department of Albion, Mich., was elected president of the association for the ensuing year. Chief Griswold was first vice-president and chairman of the legislative committee this year and last, and the previous year served as second vice-president.

The association decided to meet in Saginaw next year, the date to be decided later.

A good school and church have been built. Mr. Bigelow thought nearby suburbs should have as much consideration as has been shown Parma, Grass Lake and other county villages, to which the department has been permitted to send aid. Mr. Bigelow said they would rather rely upon one city fire engine with two or three trained firemen to operate it, than upon a volunteer department. “If we should have to buy our own equipment, it would be inefficient.” Mr. Bigelow said. “A chemical truck could make the run to Vandcrcook Lake over the pavement, and in case of fire it would do a lot of good.”

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