Mid-Hudson Chiefs Hold Two Meetings

Mid-Hudson Chiefs Hold Two Meetings

The regular February meeting of the Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Fire Chiefs’ Association was held at the Dutcher House in Pawling on February 2. Chief Klein, of Hope Farm, Chairman of the Coverage Plan Committee, reported at length relative to “Mutual Aid and its problems under Existing Firemanic Law,” and outlined a questionnaire to be sent to every Fire District and Department in Dutchess and Putnam Counties to be returned for discussion at the special meeting of the Association to be held at Wassaic on March 2. A number of visitors were present, including Chief Knickerbocker, President of the Fairfield County Chiefs Emergency Plan, Secretary Chief Moehring and Chief George Brencher, also of the Fairfield Plan; Chief Krows of FFastings, President of the Westchester Plan, Secretary Dawkins of the Westchester Plan and others. The use of the recently recommended Question Box opened the way for considerable discussion on the use of 1 1/2 inch hose, chimney fusees, proper steps in ventilating, and the tandem use of pumpers of unequal capacity. Unfortunately the evening was not long enough to fully cover the topics. After the session, the members and guests went to the Pawling firehouse where after an inspection of the local apparatus, a supper and motion pictures were enjoyed.

A special meeting of the association was held at Firemen’s Hall in Wassaic on March 2, at which time various matters pertaining to mutual aid and coverage were discussed. The plan for calling help in the vicinity revolves around a special trunk telephone, which is to be placed in Fire Headquarters in Poughkeepsie, to which Chiefs in need of help will make a call, and the operator on duty there will make the subsequent calls that will bring aid. Thus a Chief in need of certain types of apparatus will only need to tell this man on duty what he wants and go back to his fire, knowing that calls will be made on this special telephone until the available apparatus is on the way to help.

This plan was thought to be better than a code word, due to the fact that sometimes those who might ordinarily respond to help, might be out on a fire call of their own and unable to send that help, so that the man on duty can try various localities until help is located. This seemed the better plan at present, due to limited amount of fire apparatus throughout Dutchess ami Putnam Counties. Due to the fact. also, that fire companies in these sections are practically wholly dependent upon the help of the local telephone companies in sending an alarm of fire, emphasis was laid upon the need of proper education in sending in that alarm by persons who have a fire and also the need of great cooperation of the hire Departments with these companies.

Future meetings are to be held as follows; March 2. Firemen’s Hall, Wassaic. N. Y.; April 6, Patterson, N. Y., June 1, Mahopac. at which time it is now planned that the Fairfield Plan will take care of the discussions, and September 5 at Beacon, N. Y.

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