Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Chiefs Meet

Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Chiefs Meet

The regular meeting of the Mid-Hudson-Harlem-Valley Fire Chiefs’ Association was held under the auspices of the Brewster Fire Department at Odd Fellows’ Hall in Brewster, April 1. About sixty members sat down to supper at seven, after which the regular business meeting was held.

The Educational Committee, under Chief Noll, of Poughkeepsie, introduced several speakers, among whom were Mr. Logan of the American-LaFrance and Foamite Corporation, who gave an illustrated talk with motion pictures on “The Production of Rubber and Long Fibre Cotton in the Manufacture of Fire Hose” and also showed a motion picture showing {he effect of foam and carbon dioxide on various types of fires, which was highly instructive. Captain Dawkins, of the Port Chester Fire Department, gave a practical demonstration of flood lighting equipment. Chief Drake spoke briefly on “Educating the Public with Home-Made Posters” and showed a number that have been used in the vicinity of Clinton Corners.

Chief Noll outlined the work of the coming summer fire school in Poughkeepsie, which is to start May 8, at Engine 7, at which new features will be inaugurated for more intensive training of the volunteer firemen of the vicinity. Chief Berger, of Beacon, invited the association to meet at Thompson Hose, in Beacon, at its June 3 meeting, which invitation was accepted.

William Patrick Payne is Chief of the Spokane, Wash.. Fire Department. A brief biography appeared in the March issue but through an error, his name was printed, “Jayne.”

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Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Chiefs Meet


Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Chiefs Meet

The regular February meeting of the Mid-Hudson-Harlem Valley Fire Chiefs’ Association was held at the Arlington, N. Y., firehouse on Saturday, February 4, with over seventy officers of fire companies in Putnam, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties in attendance.

The meeting was opened by Chief Chris Noll, of Pough-keepsie, who introduced President Dietz of The Arlington Fire Department, who welcomed the visitors. Chief Noll then inducted Chief George Cady, of Arlington, the new President of the Association, who stressed the need of the Association in its vicinity.

The speaker of the evening, George Ruff, Service Supervisor of the Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, spoke of “The Connection of Public Utility Companies and the Various Fire Departments,” followed by a discussion of electric hazards as related to firemen.

A supper followed, at which over one hundred and fifty officers and firemen were seated. Over seventy-five officers of fire companies have joined this association, while its scope has been broadened into Orange County by the joining of several officers of the Newburgh Fire Department. The next meeting of the Association will be held at Brewster on the first Saturday in April.