Mile Relay Supplies Taunton

Mile Relay Supplies Taunton

For 22 1/2 Hours, This Fire Pumper Relay Covering Nearly One Mile, Delivered 600 GPM Emergency Supply to Taunton, Mass.

Ignoring sound water works practice, and the pleas of Superintendent of Water Works, for much needed Jimprovements during recent years, Arthur C. King, the city of Taunton, Mass., had to get along with inadequate water supply for nearly two days, when the city’s thirty-inch supply main broke on March 11, 1949.

In the emergency, fire pumpers from Taunton and neighboring cities were placed in service, to temporarily supply water to a hydrant of the Taunton system through three lines of 2 1/2-in. fire hose a mile long from the State Hospital system.

For 22 1/2 hours the fire pumper relay delivered 600 GPM emergency supply to Taunton, while water works engineers and crews worked feverishly to .repair the break and minimize the threat of fire which persisted during that period of shortage.

The hookup is shown in the accompanying diagram.

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