Military Veterans Well-Represented in New Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department Recruit Class

Of the 34 new recruits in the 2013 Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department class, 13 have served in the military. It’s the first new recruit class in five years for the department.

As reported by RTV 6 ( Private Brett Keller spent a year in Afghanistan and four years jumping out of planes and helicopters as part of an Army drug task force before becoming a firefighter. Private Ross McKee was a captain in the National Guard who spent time guarding military convoys in Iraq, while Wes Vanbruaene, another new recruit, served two tours in Iraq.

A SAFER grant that the fire department received to pay 21 firefighters’ salaries for two years offered a bonus year of funding for military veterans.

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For more on veterans in the fire service, consider A New Generation of ‘Veteran’ Firefighters and Veterans Find Purpose as Firefighters.

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