Militor and Knox Merge

Militor and Knox Merge

A merger of the interests of the Knox Motors Company of Springfield, Mass., with the Militor Corporation of New York is announced by N. R. Sinclair, president of the amalgamated company. The consolidated corporation will be known as the Militor Motors Company and will have a capital of $2,500,000.

The original Militor Corporation was organized for the production of war vehicles for the United States Government. With the end of hostilities it began immediate plans for the production of its products and with the consolidation of the Militor and Knox interests to its lines will also be added the production of a light passenger car. It is also anticipated that the Militor Motors Company will continue the production of the line of Knox motors. The Knox plant is one of the most modern and completely equipped of its kind in the country. The Springfield establishment has more than 230,000 square feet of floor space and a complete equipment of machinery particularly suited to the products of the Militor Motors Company who are now completing plans for immediate production on a large scale.

The officers of the consolidated company are: President, N. R. Sinclair; vice-president, George W. Dunham, formerly president of the Society of Automotive Engineers and vice-president of the Militor Corporation; 2nd vice-president, R. L. Notman, formerly vice-president of the McKinnon Dash Company; treasurer, E. O. Sutton, formerly treasurer of the Knox Motors Company.

The general executive and sales offices of the Militor Motors Company are located at 111 Broadway, New York City.

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