Milwaukee Fire Department School Opens

Milwaukee Fire Department School Opens

The Milwaukee fire department instruction school, which according to information received from Chief Thomas A. Clancy, is located at Engine House No. 2, 417-419 Fourth Street in that city, opened its regular sessions on October 1 and is now in full swing. The various officers of the department, including assistant chiefs, captains and lieutenants, had for a month previous been receiving instructions in the school.

The various companies throughout the department will now be taken to this school, two companies at a time where they will be educated and drilled in the handling of the numerous appliances used by the department, as well as different methods of life saving and resuscitation of persons overcome by smoke, gases, etc.

Chief Thomas A. Clancy, Milwaukee, Wis.

The Instruction School is in charge of Captain Eugene Hackett, formerly acting assistant chief and captain of Engine Company No. 1, with John McCarthy, lieutenant of the Rescue Squad as assistant. In connection with the Rescue Squad it might be stated that all members of this company have received special instructions in the various evolutions in order that they may be qualified to teaoh the members of the department while attending the school until each and every member of the uniformed force becomes efficient in this work.

While a school of instruction and various drills have been carried on for a number of years in the several fire districts the bringing together of all members of the force at a common meeting place will, if is hoped, result in a greater efficiency in the department which will redound to the public welfare and it is hoped will result in decreased fire losses throughout the city.

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Milwaukee Fire Department School Opens

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Among other features of the school is a room set aside for the meeting of officers and other members of the department equipped with seats and desks, where matters pertaining to the department efficiency will be discussed on stated occasions.

In addition to short talks being made by the various officers of the department, it is hoped to give those attending an opportunity of listening to talks and discussions by other city officials, including the Department Surgeon and members of the Police, Building, Health and City Attorney’s Departments in order that the firemen attending may become familiar with the rules and regulations of the different departments as well as their powers and duties under the State Laws and City Ordinances.

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