Apparatus to Follow Men in Inspection District and Companies to Remain on Call by Radio

BEGINNING Monday, October 12, the fire department of Milwaukee, Wis. inaugurated city-wide inspection of attics and basements of private dwellings. The inspections are made by members of the department while on duty.

Special Order No. 454, issued by Chief Edward E. Wischer, outlines the procedure to be followed in these inspections. This Order is, in part, is follows:

The purpose of this inspection will be to acquaint the householder with potential fire hazards, to make suggestions and recommendations, and to answer any questions regarding fire safety that the householder may volunteer.

Members will inspect only provided they have the permission of the occupant, and will go only into the attic and basemeent; never into the living quarters of the home, even on invitation or request Members will give no orders as to correction of obvious, defects, but will only suggest and recommend. If permission for entry is not granted, or where the occupant is not at home, no further effort will be made to double back or otherwise cover these occupancies.

Members will always work in pairs, calling at side or rear entrance, and should remain as close together as possible while inspecting. Members will wear uniform caps, khaki uniforms, and jackets if the weather demands. Hours of inspection will be from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, with no inspections scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and such other days when due to inclement weather or other reasons companies are ordered not to inspect.

Rooming houses and other licensed occupancies such as four-family or more apartments, business houses, schools, etc., which are regularly inspected by the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Protection, will not be inspected under this Home Inspection program.

A schedule of the Home Inspection Districts for Truck Companies is provided. together with a schedule of the period each truck will inspect. Trucks will work on alternate weeks. An Engine Company will accompany the Truck Company, the Engine Company to be designated by the Battalion Chief. Battalion Chiefs will try to equalize the inspection time of all Engine Companies within the Battalion. Truck Companies will monitor the radio for both Companies. and will acknowledge for Engine Company while engaged in inspection duty. Whenever it becomes necessary to summon members from inside dwellings, the bell shall be used. Do not use siren. Companies will remain “on the air” during this period, and will make responses as ordered by radio.

Company offices will inform the Department Operator when leaving and returning to quarters on these assignments.

Form used by inspectors to record hazards.

Inspections will be made only on the north and south streets at this time, and after a block is started it must be completed on that day.

Records and Reports

Officers of Trucks will maintain accurate records of the streets covered, in order to avoid duplicate inspections. Members inspecting will record the number and type of each defect found, using the report form provided, but will keep no record of names of owners or occupants, addresses, or any other information. Battalion Chiefs are to tabulate the totals of each type of defect found during each week, and give these totals to Assistant Chief Hoeft via telephone every Monday at 9:00 a.m.

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