Knowing the deep interest which readers of FIRE AND WATER feel in the condition of Chief Foley and those members of the fire department of Milwaukee, Wis., who were so dangerously injured with him in the disastrous fire of last week, a telegram of inquiry was sent to that city on Monday, to which the following reply was sent by First Assistant Chief Riemer. “OFFICE OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT,

“MILWAUKEE, wis., July 24, 1899 “FIRE AND WATER, New York, N. Y.

“Gentlemen: Replying to your telegram of even date, have to say that Chief Foley is holding his own. His improvement is not as rapid as we could wish, but we do not anticipate any serious results.

“Of the other men, Edw. Haley, pipeman. was killed in the fall and buried last Friday Assistant Chief Clancy is doing very well, as are also John Fagan, John Wolf, P. J. Linehan, J. S. Smith, M. J.

Quirk, and Henry YVeidner, all whom will be round again in due season, though the healing of their wounds is, of course, a slow matter.

“The others who were slightly hurt are reporting daily for duty.

“ Very truly yours.

“Edward Riemer,

“ First Assistant Chief Engineer.”

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