Mine Appliance Wins Rice Award

Mine Appliance Wins Rice Award

The Mine Safety Appliance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., manufacturers of devices for the prevention of accidents and death, has been awarded the Cecil G. Rice safety award, given annually by the Western Pennsylvania division of the National Safety Council to the member company having the least number of accidents among the employees during the year.

This company employs 503 men and women at their plant and but thirty-four days of lost-time accidents were recorded in 1928. There were no fatalities or permanent disability cases in this period. The award is especially interesting for it indicates that the company practices the doctrines that it preaches in its every day routine.

Employees of this company are engaged in developing detective and resuscitating equipment for poisonous and explosive gases, and they are exposed to hazardous conditions in the course of a year’s time.

The Rice Safety Award

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