Minneapolis Acquires 2,000 Gallon Pumpers

Minneapolis Acquires 2,000Gallon Pumpers

The Minneapolis (Minn.) Fire Department has increased its effective striking power by the addition of two new Mack 2,000 GPM pumpers.

The two units, which have been placed in service at Stations 6 and 10 in the city’s “loop” district, following their acceptance tests, look little different outwardly from the standard Mack 1,000 GPM type units.

The acceptance test on both units was run on June 4th, last. According to Fire Chief George S. Lockhart of Minneapolis, in a report to this journal, 2,015 gallons of water per minute were delivered at 123 PSI net pump pressure; 1,023 gallons per minute at 205 PSI net pump pressure, and 738 gallons per minute at 251 PSI net pump pressure.

On a supplementary test, 2,238 gallons of water per minute were delivered at 121 PSI net pump pressure; 1,681 gallons at 152 PSI and 996 gallons at 253 PSI.

As is shown in the overall illustration of the tests, lines from the pumpers were siamesed into a turret truck to deliver a powerful stream. In the test pictured, 1,780 gallons per minute were delivered through a 21/2 in. tip with nozzle pressure at 140 PSI. Pump pressure was 180 PSI gross or 150 PSI net. Hydrant residual pressure was 30 lbs; static pressure was 60 lbs.

As will be noticed, double suctions are used to draft water when it is desired to get maximum delivery from the units.

Interested Group Watches Tests of New Minneapolis Pumpers Shown here are, left to right: Alderman Syl Blosky, Chairman of the Fire Committee, Minneapolis; George S. Lockhart, Chiet, Minneapolis Fire Department; Chief Swanson of Rockford, Ill.; Chief Ed. Novack, newly appointed Chief of the St. Paul, Minn., Fire Department; Mr Moore Mack Motor Truck representative from Chicago ; Mr. James, Mack company Chief Engineer, and Fred Beardslee, Mack Vice-President, in charge of the Fire Apparatus Division.Minneapolis Tests New Mack 2,000 GPM Pumper Scene at training ground of the Minneapolis (Minn.) Fire Department as latest acquisiton (foreground) undergoes acceptance test._ Turret stream from apparatus in background is delivering 1780 GPM at 150 PSI net pump pressure. Note double suctions.

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