The Akron Rubber Works, of Akron, O., have been busy this past week filling orders for their justly successful White Anchor Hose.

John Olson & Co., of New York, have recently furnished the Galena, Ill., Fire Department with a full equipment of helmets and belts.

The attention of Engine builders is directed to the information in another column that the city of Paterson, N. J., is about to purchase a new steamer. A competition test will be held.

Superintendent Bullwinkle requests that persons who have ordered his patent snaps will indulge him a little, as the orders have come in so fast he has not been able to supply the demand. He is making arrangements whereby be will be enabled shortly to fill all orders promptly upon their receipt.

On Wednesday, September 3, the new Silsby Engine recently sold the city of New Bedford, Mass., was tested. The occasion was made doubly interesting by a parade of the Fire Department, speeches, a grand dinner, etc. The test took place in the presence of 3000 persons and resulted very satisfactorily to all concerned.

The Springfield Patent Universal Hose Coupling, manufactured by the E. Stebbins Manufac uring Company, of Brightwood, Mass., is strong, simple and durable, and it is claimed for it that it can be used in case of fire quicker than any other coupling made. Each coupling is an exact duplicate of the other, and one end of the hose is always ready to be coupled to any other end. It is simple in construction, is very slrorg, and is not rendered useless by rough usage.

The Bullwinkle “Snap” is meeting with a ready sale, in fact the call for it is so great that the manufacturers find difficulty in keeping pace with the orders. An extension is now being made to the factory and soon all orders will be filled as quickly as can be desired It would seem impossible to devise anything better in the line of a snap than this, and hence it merits the success it is meeting.

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