The city of Milwaukee opened bids for 2000 feet of hose one day this week. The stair carpet leading to the Chiefs office will have to be replaced.

Spencer, Mass., having ordered a “ Bangor Extension Ladder,” it is to be shipped this week, and no doubt will well please the Firemen that are obliged to handle it, it being so easily elevated, light, and at the same time very strong.

Chariton, Iowa, sent a committee of her Common Council to Chicago last week to replace the complete Fire Department outfit which was recently destroyed by fire, together with their new engine house. The committee purchased a fourth-class Silsby steam fire engine and two hose carts of the Silsby Manufacturing Company ; a hook and ladder truck of the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company, and 1500 feet of hose of H. F. Wheeler, of Elson, Salisbury & Co. They expect to be in condition to fight fire again in the course of sixty days. The committee certainly enjoyed themselves and were well repaid for their visit.

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