The question of purchasing 1000 feet of new hose for the city is occupying too much time in the Common Council, and while the Aldermen are arguing a fire might break out, and the result be of the most disastrous character.

As we understand it the Committee on Fire Apparatus has sent letters to different dealers in hose, asking for their lowest figures for the best hose that can be made. One firm sent in $1.15 per foot, another $1.10, another 1.10 1/2, and another 95 cents per foot.

The letter of the last-named firm is as follows:

NEW YORK, August 15.


DEAR SIR : Your letter of the nth inst. is before us. for price on best 3}i inch leather hose. In reply we will say, we will furnish jour Fire Department what hose you may want, made from the very best pure oak-tanned leather, double riveted, and warranted in every respect, and attach the Caswell improved screwcoupling to the same, and deliver it in Poughkeepsie, for 95 cents per foot.

This hose is made from stock tanned by J. B. Hoyt & Co., of this city, and considered by the best judges to be the finest stock tanned in this country.

He will give you 4 cents a pound cash for the old condemned leather hose, or 6 cents a pound in trade. DARKOW & TURNER.

Why ibere should have been any argument after the above letter was read to the council »e cannot conjecture. Mr. Turner, who was present, offered to guarantee the hose, and the firm is said to be a responsible one. It is, therefore, simply a matter of accepting the lowest bid, as given above.

If, however, the Council intends to ignore the lowest bid then it would be fair to look at home for hose, even if more money has to be paid for the article desired. S. H. Bogardus & Son, one of the oldest business firms in the city, have also put in a bid. The senior member of the firm is the oldest business taxpayer in the city. He has worked here and lived among us for a life time. He is entitled to some consideration, and if he can give us as good hose as can be purchased elsewhere for about the same figures he should have the job. The sum to be expended is $900 or $1000. If that money can be left in Poughkeepsie instead of being sent abroad it ought to be left here.—Poughkeepsie, N. Y„ Eagle.

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