For two days Kansas City, Mo., was in charge of the firemen, brought together on June 8, not to fight any threatening conflagration, but to meet in peaceful convention,and transact business that was for the general welfare of the order throughout the State.

The eighth annual convention assembled in that city on the morning of June 8, and the entire day was spent by the delegates in business session. The delegates present on that occasion were as follows:

Chief Charles Shipps,Carthage; Assistant Chief W.E. Meyers, K. M. Gremlin,Chillicothe; Chief John Hart, James Dennett, Assistant Chief William Boyd, Clinton; James Kennedy, John Dugan, and John Hixman,Clinton V’eteran Association, Chief A. Houghton and Frank Zellars, Jop.in; Assistant Chief William Hossingcr and C. H. Dysart, Moberly; Chief Hubert Hotching, A. Holloway, and I.ouis If. Decker, St. Charles; Assistant Chief E. J. Gross, Thomas Haines, W. If. Marquis, John Finnerty; M. Tierney, I). Kowc, J. Sanford, George T. Smith, M. O’Drien, T. Shea. Robert Corry, T. Farrell, M. Mahoney, and D. J. Duffy, St. I-ouis. Other delegates arrived during the day from Trenton, Hamilton, and Kirksv illc.

President K. J. Gross, first assistant fire chief of St. I.ouis, presided at the meeting, and explained that a larger delegation would be on hand from St. I.ouis, only for the fact that the recent cyclone that visited the city made a great deal of work for members of the department, and that many of them were still in the harness, so to speak.

The first formal meeting was held al 2 o’clock in the afternoon at Firemen’s hall. Chief Hale presided and introduced M ijor Jones, who welcomed the visiting firemen to the city. M ivor J ie so I in his address of welcome that on occasions of this kind it was expected o the mayor to turn over the keys of the city. “ I have no occasion to do this with this organization; but 1 will state that the lock to the city is broken, and the key has been thrown into the Missouri river, so the town belongs to you.”

Alderman W.W. Morgan spoke of the growtli of the department in the city, and of the great work done by firemen in saving the lives of helpless people.

Chief I lale,on beh If of the department of the city, extended the delegates a hearty welcome,and assured them that they would be well taken care of during their visit. He was fol. lowed by President Gross, who replied lo Mayor Jones, making a very humorous reference to the fact that the keys and locks of the city^ were in good hands when intrusted to the firemen.

During the business sessions which followed that day and the next the legislative committee was instructed to secure an amendment to the present State law. for ttie relief of disabled and retired firemen, so that it shall include unmarriid firemen. The new constitution was adopted almost as it was originally drafted and printed. The beneficiary w; s adopted in its entirety with no modification,

The following officers were e’ected: President, E. f. Gross, St. I.ouis; vice president, I-. II. Drecker, St. Charles; secretary and treasurer, H. H. Mitchell, Clinton; board of directors: I). F. Ryar, Springfield; H. Willis, Sedalia; W.H. Marquis, St. I-ouis; George C. Hale, Kansas City; Hubert Ilachling, St Charles; Aaron Haughon, Joplin; L. Shipps, Trenton; T. G. I.owry, Moberly; John F. Pelletier, Kansas City; legislative committee: Adam Newman, I-ouis. J. F McNellis, Kansas City; J. C. I.epscum, Clinton; L. M. Mettler, Drookfield; I-ouis Drecker, St. Charles; T.J.Farrell, St. I.ouis; D.J.Rowe ol St. Louis,was elected delegate to the National Association at Salt Lake City.

The visitors were treated right royalty and taken to the races, to an entertainment at the opera house, driven round to every point of interest in the city, and banqueted and feted in a most hospitable style.

One of the oldest firemen in attendance at the convention was W. H. Marquis, of St. Louis. lie has been in the service since 1859 and at the present time is an engineer on one the steamers that did service during the recent cyclone at St. Louis.

During the convention reports were presented by fire departments from almost every part of the State. One local report was as follows:

Kind of water supply—Natural.

Number population—Five.

Number of hydrants—One, the pump.

Number of cistern—One.

Number of hand engines—One. the broom stick.

Number of chemical engines—One, my old woman.

Number of hose wagons—One, the wheelbarrow’.

Number of hose reels—One,clothes real.

Number of hook and ladder companies—None.

Number of engine companies—My old wife and I.

Number of paid men—One, me.

Number feet hose—Two. Rubber—No. Cotton—Yes. Linen—No.

Number of alarms—One each morning.

Number of actual fires—One each morning.

Number of false alarms—One every Sunday morning.

Cause of fires—To keep warm.




President Gross, has sent out to members the notice of the forthcoming meeting of the Missouri State Firemen’s Association at Kansas City. Mo., on May 11 and 12. The convention will be held at the headquarters of the fire department of that city, and among other business will consider and pass upon the question of establishing a State fund for the relief of firemen injured in the service, and for the widows, orphans, or dependent relations of firemen killed in the service, as well as for making some provision for volunteers injured in the service. How to modify existing State laws so as to accomplish these objects, as well as to adopt the proposed charter, constitution, and bye-laws suitable for such an organization, will also be discussed,and some definite resolution come to on the subject. The firemen of Kansas City will give their visiting bretheren a right royal reception, and will do all that lies in their power to make their visit a pleasant one. Reduced rates will be secured on all railroads, and the Hotel Victoria and the Hotel Savoy will make a rate of $2 a day for all who attend the meeting. For further particulars respecting membership, etc., Secretary Harry A. Mitchell—who notifies that all firemen are requested to attend in uniform—may be addressed at Clinton, Mo.