Chief E. A. Johnson, Boulder, Col., Made President— Other Officers Elected—Many Valuable Papers Read and Discussed—Exhibits by Manufacturers a Feature

THE fourth annual convention of the Missouri Valley Association of Fire Chiefs was held at Boulder. Col., on June 21 and 22, with headquarters at the Hotel Boulderado and business meetings in the Elks Club. There were 129 registered.

The Board of Directors held their annual meeting on the evening just preceding the opening of the convention.

Valuable Papers Read at Convention

The following papers were read and discussed at the various sessions:

Wm. E. Guthner, Mgr. Safety and Excise. Denver, Col., “A Fire Department’s Obligation to the City Administration and the Public.”

Chief John F. Healy, assisted by Deputy Chief Frank J. Spillane, Denver. “Demonstrated Talk on the Use and Advantages of One and One-half Inch Hose.”

Clarence Goldsmith, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, “Pumps in the Fire Department Service.”

Chief R. Geo. Woods, Englewood, Col., “Organization and Operation of a Volunteer Fire Department.”

Chas. O. Bonnelle, Assistant Chief and Drill Master, Denver, “The Schooling and Training of Firemen.”

Exhibitors to be heard.

Chief F. A. Taylor, Colorado Springs, “Difficulties Met in Training of Firemen in Smaller Cities.”

L. A. Barley, Chief Engineer, Fire Insurance Rating Bureau, Denver. “The Hazards of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems.”

J. Burr Taylor, Western Actuarial Bureau, Chicago, “Behind the Fire Lines.” Herbert C. Watson, Special Agent, National Board of Fire Underwriters, “Investigation and Preservation of Evidence in Arson Cases.”

Chief Wm. J. Cawker, Topeka, Kan., “My Experience with Enclosed Fire Apparatus.”

Chief J. H. Patrick, Laramie, Wyo., “The Firemen’s Rights and Privileges When Answering a Call.”

Round Table Discussion pertaining to the problems of a small City and Volunteer Fire Department, led by Chief Wright Hedges, Atlantic, Iowa.

Banquet and Automobile Ride

On the evening of July 21, the annual banquet was held. Features of this occasion were special music by the Englewood, Col., Fire Department Band and a moving picture.

Following the business session on the afternoon of June 22, the members and guests were taken for an automobile ride over the city, ending with a beefsteak fry on Flagstaff Mountain.

Officers Elected

The officers elected were as follows: President, Chief E. A. Johnson, Boulder, First Vice Pres., Chief Sol Willis, Sidney, Nebraska.

Second Vice Pres., Chief Thomas J. Hardwick, Kansas City, Mo.

Director to International, Chief Jas. T O’Donnell, St Louis.

Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Ray Tiller Waterloo, Iowa.

The International State Vice Presidents, elected, comprising the Missouri Valley District, were as follows:

Colorado—Chief Luther P. Willis, Pueblo. Iowa—Chief H. J. Callahan, Fort Dodge. Kansas—Chief Donald J. Rayburn, Eldorado.

Missouri—Chief J. Wm. Jackson. Marceline.

Nebraska—Chief Ward Hall. Alliance. South Dakota—Chief Wm. A. Sloan. Sioux Falls.

North Dakota—Chief James Black. Grand Forks.

Wyoming—Chief J. H. Patrick, Laramie.

Exhibitors at Convention

The firms exhibiting at the convention were as follows:

Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Company, Chicago, Iii.

E. & J. Manufacturing Company, Glendale, Cal.

American-La France & Foamite Industries, Inc., Elmira, N. Y.

Pyrene Manufacturing Company, Denver, Col.

Western Fire Department Supply Company. Denver. Col.

Mine Safety Appliances Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Kansas City, Mo., was selected as the convention city for 1939.

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