New Mobile Technology Aims to Improve Capabilities of Emergency Responders

Guardian Watch is a patent pending mobile phone application and corresponding Web service that allows anyone with a smartphone to immediately alert emergency respondents and community groups to suspicious activities or emergencies. With the Guardian Watch mobile application, you can capture and report emergencies in real-time, as well as immediately alert 911, all from your cell phone. By providing live-stream images via the free smartphone app to the Guardian Watch secure Web site, you can provide critical information to local law enforcement and members of your neighborhood detailing any situation in progress, as well as the exact GPS location.
Guardian Watch is free for consumers to download and immediately begin creating community network groups with whom they can share alerts. By elevating social networking to act as a safety tool, Guardian Watch allows you to prepare early and respond quickly, providing every citizen the opportunity to safely take an active role in protecting themselves, their family and the community as a whole. As municipalities come on board, Guardian Watch will serve as a direct feed to notify and inform 911 and any other relevant emergency respondents of situations in progress, effectively saving lives through visual awareness. This puts the power to reduce, and even prevent crimes from happening, right in the palm of your hand.
“Our mission is to save lives around the world through visual awareness,” said Guardian Watch founder and creator, Dr. Gordon Jones. “Your home is your castle, your neighborhood is your kingdom, and you want to be safe where you live. Guardian Watch can help bring the community together creating a safe and protected environment.”
The FCC states there are over 240 million calls made every year to the 6,149 emergency call centers in the United States alone. First responders are dispatched with very limited visual capability available to them to pre-assess the situation. The Guardian Watch solution uses the population-at-large to provide the real-time visual awareness first responders can use to better prepare prior to arriving to an emergency scene potentially decreasing response times, preserving resources and saving lives.
There are over 40,000 organized neighborhood associations in the United States. Guardian Watch will help make them more effective than ever. The system continuously engages the public by including a social networking component to allow the observer to journal their story and share it with friends, family and the public, and organize their own neighborhood watch and other civic crime watch organizations in their community.
 “Our vision is for everyone in the world to have Guardian Watch on their mobile phone, to create a safe and secure environment, transforming every citizen into a true partner of public safety”, added Dr. Jones.

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