Question of Training for Firemen in State Also Considered by State Association of Fire Chiefs of Maine

THE first quarterly meeting of the State Association of Fire Chiefs of Maine, was held on January 14, at Saco, Me., with Chief Eugene T. Ricker as host. The meeting was called at the new Saco fire station which was completed early in 1940. The meeting was opened by Chief Stanley G. Turner of the Springvale fire department, President of the association.

Mayor Lewis G. Brock of Saco welcomed the visiting chiefs and the response was made by Chief William H. Clifford 3rd. of Cape Elizabeth.

Chief Eugene T. Ricker of the Saco Department gave an interesting history of the Saco department, which will take its place in the history of Maine Fire Department that is kept by the association.

An address was given by Charles S. Morgan of the N.F.P.A. on the model Fireworks Law, and a bill is to be presented to the Maine Legislature, nowin session, for the enactment of such a law. It is to be presented by Chief Frank M. Pierce of Bucksport, a member of the House of Representatives.

Return postal cards are to be sent to every fire chief in the association in regard to this fireworks legislation to be returned promptly, for the guidance of the Legislative Committee of the association. Moving pictures on fireworks were shown the members. A demonstration w-as given by Dr. Robinson.

Training School Desired

At the afternoon session, a report was made by Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, Portland, on the Defense Program. A representative of the Cumberland County Firemen’s Association presented, from that association, an appeal to the chiefs to form a definite course of firemen’s training within the state. This question was widely discussed, and one proposition, given some consideration, was the use of funds for such training, to be applied from the revenue received from the state tax on insurance companies, which now in a large percentage goes into the State’s General Fund. Many Chiefs entered into the discussion, and it was voted that the Legislative Committee be given power to act on this matter.

A delightful banquet was served at 6 p.m. in the assembly hall of the fire station, followed by further discussions. William H. Gifford 3rd, was the toastmaster.

Ex-Chief Charles W. Bowker, South Paris, the veteran Secretary of the association, was made an honorary life member in appreciation of his service of more than twenty years in that office. The meeting adjourned with a rising vote of thanks to the Saco Fire Department and to Chief Eugene T. Ricker, for the hospitality shown the association at this meeting.

April 8, the association will meet at Westbrook: July 8 at Rockland, and the October meeting will be advanced to September 9, and will be held at Norway; this will be the annual meeting.

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