Model Motor Fire Apparatus.

Model Motor Fire Apparatus.

The Northern Fire Apparatus Company. Minneapolis. Minn., has placed an auto combination hose and chemical apparatus on the market. The following are the main points in the specifications:

Motor: Four cylinders, water cooled, cast in pairs. All gears encased Bore, 4 1/4×4 1/2.

Power: Horsepower, 30, A. L. M. A. rating.

Speed: Will carry load of 2,500 lbs. at 20 miles per hour.

Hose capacity: 1.200 to 1,.500 ft. 2 1/2-in. cotton rubber lined fire hose.

Crank Case: Made in two parts. Divided horizontally through plane of crank shaft center.

Crank shaft: Drop forging ground to finish size.

Fly wheel: Of liberal size mid designed to receive cone clutch.

Clutch: Plunger type cone clutch, lined with thermoid friction. Operated by pedal lever.

Hearings: All anti-friction hearing metal.

Lubricating: Furnished by power-driven gear pump, which pumps oil from the oil reservoir from bottom of the motor, to tne crank case proper. Splash system supplying all parts.

Cooling: By water circulated by gear-driven pump.

Transmission: Selective type transmission mounted on Timken roller hearings througnout.

Drive: Double chain drive.

Drakes: Two sets, one pair on the rear wheels and one pair on jack shafts, both external contracting type.

Control: Throttle and spark levers are located on top of steering wheel, engaged with sector, which is stationary and does not turn with wheel. The three speeds ami reverse are oiterated by the lever at the right of the driver.

Ignition: Double.

Carburetor: Dennett.

Frame: Channel steel of ample size for load and severe service.

Springs: Front springs full elliptic, rear platform type of ample capacity.

Axles: Front 1 3/4-ineh. Timken “I” beam type, with Timken bearings throughout. Rear, 2-inch dean square with wheels, mounted on Timken hearings.

Wheels: Artillery type.

Tires: Front tires are 86×3 1/2 solid Hartford, make Rears are 36×3 1/2 solid Hartford. Tread, 58 inches. Wheel base, 117 inches.


Cylinder: One 35-gallon, 40-gallon or 50-gallon capacity, seamless, steel cylinder, mounted back of seat.

Aci1 Receptacle: Best chemical lead held in heavily tinned red brass frame, so arranged that when cap is put on and wheel screwed down receptacle is hermetieally sealed and cannot be prematurely discharged.

Method of Discharging: Release stopper by turning cap valve wheel to left and revolve cylinder. This gives positive action and perfect agitation.

Piping: Brass piping and valve so arranged that when cylinder is empty it can he refilled from 2 1/2-inch in take connection, or plain water run right through instead of chemical.

Hose Basket: Woven w____re reinforced with half round steel mounted over bed of wagon. Capacity. 200 feet.

The complement of small tools usually supplied with such apparatus also goes with it.

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