Built to Scale of 1/8-Inch to Foot, It Reproduces New Station and Elevated Tank in Every Detail

THE model illustrated in the accompanying illustration was built by D. R. Richardson, of the architectural firm of Hansen & Waggoner, Mason City, Ia., and was exhibited in the booth of Mason City, in the North Iowa Building and House Furnishing Exposition held in that city. It is intended to take the place of a perspective drawing of the new fire sub-station and elevated tank now being built for the city and nearing completion.

Model Carries Out Landscaping Effects

The model, which is l/96th the size of the originals, is built on a scale of 1/8-inch to the foot and, according to Mr. Richardson, is correct as to every detail of the sub-fire station and elevated tank. The model, he pointed out, will also prove useful in carrying out the landscaping of the 1 1/2-acre plot.

Model of Mason City, Ia., Sub-Fire Station and Elevated Tank

The station and tank, which are included in a PWA project of the city, are nearing completion. The exterior of the station is of ordinary brick, with limestone trim. The walls are of tile, with plastered ceilings. The floors of the apparatus room and pump room are of concrete, with linoleum coverings for the balance of the station. There is an Elgin built-in kitchen unit, consisting of range, refrigerator, and sink of stainless steel.

Layout of the Fire Station

The apparatus room of the station, 15 x 49 feet, is situated at the north side of the building, with the pump room 9 x 13.5 and hose tower, 7 x 9, at rear in the form of an extension. On the south side of the station from front to rear are the office. 10 x 11. and watch desk room; dormitory, 15 x 18; locker room; toilet, and shower 7.5 x 9 and kitchen, 8.5 x 11. The accompanying plan will show the relative position of the various rooms.

Equipment and Personnel

The sub-station will be equipped with a 750-gallon triple combination pumper, with a 200-gallon booster tank; one 14foot roof ladder and one 30-foot three-section extension ladder, both of aluminum. The company manning this substation will be known as Engine Company No. 2. An officer and two men on each shift will compose the personnel.

The Elevated Tank

The one m.g. tank which was designed and built by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company, Des Moines, Ia., is 76 3/4 feet in diameter, and is 106 feet from grade to start of the umbrella roof. It is supplied by a seven-stage turbine pump of 1,500 g.p.m. capacity placed in a 12-inch well, 1,306 feet deep.

Plan of Sub-Fire Station at Mason City, Ia.

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