The La France Fire Engine Company is busily engaged in making and selling Steamers. Trade is brisk.

“The gods help those who help themselves,” and Nature invariably helps those who take Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure.

Chief Swenie, of Chicago, Ill., continues to consider the Bangor (Me.) Extension Ladder the best; as now, after using several of them in his Department for a long time, he has just ordered another one seventy feet long ; also, from the same company, a forty-five foot single Fire Ladder.

A committee of the town council of York, Pa., has concluded a contract with the B. Bosch, agent for the Silsby Manufacturing Company, of Seneca Falls, N. Y., for a *’ fourth size crane neck Steam Fire Engine ” to be delivered by February 1, 1882, the borough to pay freight and charge of transportation.

Superintendent B. B. Bullwinkle, of the Chicago Fire Patrol, would like to have all his friends, who have cabinet photographs, send him one. There is a handsome Russia-leather album, for cabinets, on the table at the Patrol house at 176 Monroe street open to inspection by all visitors. All who wish to be admired by the hundreds of visitors at the Patrol house will comply with (he Superintendent’s request.

Last week, Rumsey & Co., of Seneca Falls, N. Y., shipped to Sou h America three Fire Engines, two Hose Carts, and one Hose Carriage, of their own manufacture, for which they received in advance of shipment $7882 in cash. These machines were of substantial and bcautifjl workmanship, and were greatly admired by all who examined them. The reputation of Rumsey & Co., as manufacturers of fire apparatus, extends to all parts of the world, and they richly merit all the good things that are said respecting their work.





The Caswell Fire Department Supply Company, of Chicago, are making a nickel plated Hose Cart, for Sycamore, Ill.

B. H. Badger, of Des Moines, Iowa, has been appointed agent for the Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company of Chicago.

Chris. Hoell, of St. Louis, has received a second order from San Francisco, for his celebrated Pompier Life Saving Corps outfit, which consists of 4 ladders, 4 belts, 5 ropes, 4 hatchets, 8 spikes, a grip sack 10 feet square, and 1 safety tube, 90 feet long.

The Consolidated Fire Extinguisher Company, of Chicago, are making a city Hook and Ladder Truck for Springfield, O., also a Hose Cart for Kansas city, Mo. They have shipped a No. 5 Champion Chemical Engine, to Punxsutwaney, and a Hook and Ladder Truck to Silverton, Col.

J. Olsen & Co., of 113 Christie street, New York, sent a magnificent present to the Cincinnati Tournament in the shape of a Fireman’s hat and belt to be competed for in a manner to be decided by the judges. The Cincinnati Commercial advises all the fire boys to take a look at the elegant workmanship of the hat and belt, and adds that the gift, besides being of the best of its kind, is more valuable on account of its being wholly unsolicited.

Westboro, Mass., will receive next week from the factory of Buckley & Merritt, New York, a very handsomely proportioned skeleton Hose Carriage. At a test it was found to combine light weight with great strength. The iron and steel work is all nickel plated, it has wheels five feet four inches, and five feet two inches high with “ Sarvin ” hubs. The reel carries 600 feet of leather hose, the wood work is handsomely painted carmine, gold leaf ornamentations.

Tarrytown, N. Y., purchased two years ago a Hook and Ladder Truck of F. J. Miller, New York, which has been unsatisfactory to the Company, owing to the frequently required repairs. A few weeks ago, the Company obtained permission of the village trustees, to exchange the Truck for another one, and purchased of the Leverich Fire Apparatus Works, of New York, an elegant Hook and Ladder Truck, with a goose neck reach; 60 feet extension ladder, and 5 other ladders; a large silver signal, and the usual equipments. The entire metal work is highly polished, and the Truck is, without doubt, the most elegantly finished and fully equipped Truck for hand, on the Hudson River. There was a parade and banquet upon the arrival of the Truck Thursday night, and all expressed themselves well pleased with the apparatus.

Buckley & Meritt, of New York, shipped last week to Danbury, Conn., the new Hose Carriage for Humane Company, of that place. The vehicle, both in appearance and workmanship, is all that could be desired, and it is doubtful whether there is its equal in all New England. The axles are of steel, the wheels are of Savern make, and stand five feet two inches in front, and five feet four inches in the rear. The body of the carriage is mounted upon four French eliptic s; rings. Supporting the hose reel are ornamental scrolled arches, silver plated. On the front of the arches are ornamental scroll standards, supporting one silver signal and two silver side lights, each engraved with name and number of company; also two silver bells. Under the lights and bells is an ornamental silver play-pipe. Back of the arches is a beautiful scroll standard, supporting two silver side lights, two silver lanterns with company’s name and number engraved thereon, a silver plate, bearing the motto of the company, ” Ever Ready at Duty’s Call,” and a gold eagle, 20 inches spread. The ends of the hose reel are of French plate glass, three-eighths of an inch thick. The glass is divided into eight panels, and each alternate panel is engraved with the monogram of the company enclosed in a wreath, and the Department insignia of two fire trumpets crossed within a wreath. The spokes and rims of the reel are ornamentally scrolled and striped with gold leaf, while a silver tire encircles the rims, and a silver jacket encloses the reel. On the front of the j cket is elegantly engraved the name of the company ; on the rear its number in oak leaf scroll. On the side arches are two silver pla’es, each having engraved thereon, “ Humane 1.” All the metal work on the carriage is highly polished, and all the metnl above the springs is handsomely plated. The workmanship throughout is of the finest order and reflects in the highest degree to the credit of the makets.