Monster Pumping Plant.

Monster Pumping Plant.

Moran Bros. Company have been awarded the contract for furnishing the pumping plant complete for the United States naval dry dock at Port Orchard. This is by far the largest contract of this nature ever let in the State of Washington.

The pumping plant is to comprise three centrifugal pumps for pumping out the dock, each pump to be driven by a separate engine. The suction and discharge pipes will be forty-two inches internal diameter, the suction pipe dividing to admit the water on both sides of the wheel, thus balancing the runner and avoiding side thrust. Each pump will be fitted with a steam ejector for use in charging the pump before starting. Each pump will be driven byan upright non-condensing engine with cylinder twenty-eight inches in diameter and twenty-four inch stroke, and fitted with balanced valve and variable cut-offs, and constructed throughout of the best material and workmanship.

Steam will be furnished for the engines by six cylindrical horizontal steel return tubular boilers, each to be seventy-two inches in diameter, sixteen feet long, and to contain eighty four-inch diameter tubes. They will be constructed according to the most approved manner, and must stand a working pressure of too pounds to the square inch.

There will also be furnished a twelve-inch drainage pump, with engine complete, for use in keeping the dock free from leakage while a vessel is in it. The above are the principal parts which go to make up the complete plant. To give an idea of the capacity of this plant, the government specifications require that it shall have a capacity to discharge rio,ooo gallons of water from the dock in a minute, or a total weight of about 550 tons, or 158,000,000 gallons in twenty-four hours that being about twenty times the combined capacity of the Seattle water-works plant.

It is the intention of the Moran Bros. Company to construct every part of it at their works in Seattle. The exact figure paid for these works is not made public, but it is understood to be in the neighborhood of $75,000.

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