Montana Association Holds 32nd Meeting

Montana Association Holds 32nd Meeting

The 32nd Annual Convention of the Montana State Firemen’s Association was held August 9-10-11 in Hamilton, Mont. Chief Jas. M. Higgins, of Hamilton, was host to the visiting firemen and with the assistance of Mayor J. E. Totman gave a series of entertainments that will long be remembered by the visitors.

Chief Art J. Baker of Lewistown presided over the convention and after opening introduced the Rev. E. W. Tetwiller who made the invocation. Mayor J. E. Totman welcomed the delegates to the City of Hamilton and presented them with the golden key to the city. Chief V. H. Steele of Billings responded to the address of welcome in behalf of the Association.

The business sessions of the Association were devoted to reading and discussion of prepared topics, discussion of legislation pertaining to Firemen’s Disability and Pension Laws and other routine matters. Chief Steele of Billings read a paper on the history of the association which was very interesting.

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Montana Association Holds 32nd Meeting

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Charter members of the association who were present at this convention were: Chief W. G. Alexander of Bozeman; Chief Geo. L. Lapp of Butte; Chief Chas. Collins of Anaconda. Prominent among the entertainment features were auto trips to Sleeping Child Springs and to Medicine Springs and a picnic at Stevensville.

Officers elected for the ensuing year were Chas. Collins, Anaconda, President; Chief Frank O’Malley, Glendive, VicePresident; D. E. Moser, Bozeman, Secretary; John E. de Carle, Miles City, Treasurer; Chiefs Art J. Baker, Geo. W. Dewar and V. H. Steele, Directors, and Martin Juhl of Helena as member of Legislative Committee. Great Falls, Mont., was selected for the 1924 meeting of the Association.

The convention closed with an excellent banquet during which the Association was addressed by Jay W. Stevens, secretary of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs, and Jos. Woods, treasurer of the same organization.

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