Montana Firemen Hold School

Montana Firemen Hold School

A three-day short fire school, followed by the annual convention of the Montana State Firemen’s Association was held in Billings, August 22-25. The second annual school was held under the auspices of the Montana State College with Prof. Leon D. Conkling, Director.

Mayor Fred L. Tilton welcomed the firemen, while Prof. Conkling outlined the course of study to be followed.

Chief Art J. Baker, Lewistown, spoke on “Cooperation Between the Public and Fire Departments.” Thomas Lloyd, Board of Fire Underwriters gave a talk on “Fire Alarm Systems.” E. C. Corbett, Yale Oil Corporation, discussed the control and extinguishment of gasoline and oil fires while D. S. Thomas spoke on the “Value of Sprinkler Systems.”

W. M. Cobleigh, Dean of the Engineering Department, gave a talk on the fundamental chemistry of fires, at the second day of the school. He explained the chemical process of fire extinguishers, operation of sprinkler systems and the action of special extinguishers.

At the south side station, firemen were given actual experience in fighting a fire and salvaging the contents of a small structure that was set on fire.

The school closed with a banquet. Speakers of the evening were Mayor Tilton, Dean W. M. Cobleigh, Prof. Leon D. Conkling, Chief Henry Quane, Anaconda, President of the Montana State Firemen’s Association, and others.

Lectures on the third day were given by W. G. Brooks, Helena, State Fire Marshal; W. L. Quirk and R. M. Hill of the Fire Companies Adjustment Bureau; William J. Jameson, local attorney; M. C. Rice and T. W. Shaffer of the Rillings Fire Department, and Mr. Thomas.

Chief Henry Quane, Anaconda, President of the state association, presided at the state convention that was held following the short school. About one hundred persons attended, while seventy-three attended the school.

It was decided to hold the training school each year at Bozeman on dates to be decided by the faculty of the state college. This step segregates future short courses from the state convention.

Frank O’Malley, Glendive, was elected President of the Association; T. W. Carolyn, Forsyth, Vice-President and D. F. Moser, Bozeman, re-elected. Secretary-Treasurer. A. L. Quinn, Missoula, George Aitchison, Miles City, and Robert Thorburn, Billings, was elected to the Board of Directors. Henry Quane, Anaconda, R. G. Hibbard, Manhattan, and A. J. Trodick, Great Falls, were appointed on the Fire College Committee. The next convention will be held at Havre.

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