Montreal Auxiliary Firemen Form “Bell Club”

Montreal Auxiliary Firemen Form “Bell Club”

An organization to be known as the Montreal Auxiliary Firemen has been formed for the purpose of aiding local regulars in any emergency and fostering affiliation with similar groups throughout Canada and the United States.

The Montreal Auxiliary Firemen organization plans to continue the present working agreement with the local fire department when the government releases the present civilian defense units from their obligations in the city and district. Membershp will then be confined exclusively to the “Fire Buffs” (yes, Canada has adopted the American slangology for the kink-chaser and apparatus-follower.)

Among the objects of the new auxiliary are the collection and preservation of documents, photographs, relics, relating to the history of fire fighting, and the perpetuation of the memory of the fire fighter.

Two-Story, Five-Room Bungalow at Endicott, N. Y., with Fira at its Height. Photo Was Taken just before Fire Fighting Operations Started. Sixty Gallons of Water Were Used in Extinguishing the Fire.

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