More Firemen Asked for Chicago

More Firemen Asked for Chicago

In his annual report. Chief Marshal Michael J. Corrigan called attention to an acute shortage of firemen. He said:

“There are vacancies in every rank of the department so numerous that the situation is hecomhiK acute. I sincerely trust that the city’s financial situation for the coining year will be somewhat enhanced to bring the department’s manpower up to the tigure we consider necessary for increased t iflcient operation of the service.”

During 1934 the uniformed members have received a fifty-two pay day reduction. The expenditures were further reduced by not filling vacancies nor making promotions.

I he department will have an unexpended balance of $55,000 from the appropriations totaling $6,316,730 in the 1934 budget.

Chief Corrigan also commented on the stock yard conflagration. During that fire 100 motor pumping engines operated at full capacity for an average of seventeen hours without a breakdown. In all, 133 pieces of equipment moved through the city streets responding to and returning from the conflagration, without an accident.

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