More Than He Bargained For

More Than He Bargained For

ALVIN COOLIDGE’S recent fishing exploits recall another story they tell on Silent Cal of the White House:

  • One Sunday after the President had returned front church, where he had gone alone, Mrs. Coolidge inquired:
  • “Was the sermon good?”

    “Yes,” he answered.

    “What was it about?”


    “What did the minister say?”

    “He was against it.”

  • And, in more serious vein, the following quotation from a Coolidge speech seems to reflect the very spirit we try to express in the work of FIRE ENGINEERING:
  • “It has come to be an axiom of successful business that profit is not the sole end to BE sought. Business success in whatever field is more and more the result of policies which look to give service to the public. The business which on the whole is likely to prosper most is that business which aims to give the customer something more than the mere commodity which he comes to buy.”
  • The more we can serve you, the better we shall be pleased!

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