Morris Township Has Coding Sirens

Morris Township Has Coding Sirens

The Township of Morris, N. J., Fire Department has recently installed a code fire alarm system. The entire system was designed and installed under the direction of Thomas R. Pierson, Fire Department Electrician. All of the equipment, with the exception of the special fire alarm switchboard, was furnished by the Federal Electric Company of Chicago, through their New York office.

The special fire alarm switchboard was assembled by Mr. Pierson, the Fire Department electrician and is constructed so that any of the sirens on the outlying fire stations can be cut into the circuit when the code signal is given.

The fire alarm system consists of five Fedelcode No. 1 Fast Code Sirens which are operated from the central fire headquarters. The central fire headquarters have complete supervision over the system and have full control over all sirens, so that any one or more of the five sirens can be operated at a time. These sirens are operated through the central station transmitter, and special switchboard, and is equipped with 57 code wheels giving street locations and six special code calls.

This fire alarm system gives complete sound coverage for Morris Township. When needed, all five sirens are sounded simultaneously, giving the code signal designating the exact location of the fire. If only one fire company is required, the code siren on that particular station is sounded and the others are cut out of the circuit. If two or three are required, the same thing is done. In other words, instead of calling out all fire companies when only one is needed, only that company which is needed gets the alarm, eliminating unnecessary fire runs by the companies not required.

Views of the Headquarters and the Individual Station Equipment Interior of the fire alarm headquarters showing the transmitter and wheels, punch register, code panel selective switchboard, clock and teletypewriter.Installation in one of the five fire stations showing the meter service switch fuse panel box, code control panel, auxiliary control panel and the teletype receiver.

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