Mother and Child Taken to Hospital After Torrington (CT) Fire

Following a fire that tore through a Torrington home, a mother and her 3-week-old child were rushed to the hospital, reports

Flames broke out at the three-family home on Main Street in Torrington, and a number of factors like construction and high winds caused problems for firefighters.

The second-alarm fire was reported on Main Street around 11:45 a.m. The fire started in the basement of the home and quickly spread.

“I was nervous, scared. Scared because it was so close to our house,” said Kathy White. of Torrington.

Four people were in the home at the time but were able to make it out. About 30 minutes later, a mother and child were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

“I feel bad for the baby. I feel bad for the mother. I feel bad for everyone involved on this property,” said Denis Goeuy, of Torrington.

The ceiling started to collapse while crews were inside but firefighters were able to make it out safely. Another problem was the fact that the home had no firewalls and balloon construction.

“Main difficulty is the type of construction and the large area. It’s a large three-family dwelling and the age of the structure allowed the fire to spread rapidly,” said Torrington Fire Chief Christopher Pepler.

Fire officials said the home is completely destroyed and volunteers from the American Red Cross were called to the scene. 

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