Motion Picture Film Scrap Causes Car Fire

Motion Picture Film Scrap Causes Car Fire

Thirty passengers in a trolley car near the Park Street station of the Boston subway were burned or otherwise injured in a panic caused by the explosion of bits of scrap motion picture film which were being carried in a burlap bag and were apparently placed close to a heater in the car.

There was a sudden burst of flame and the whole car was filled with smoke. Passengers broke windows in their frenzy to get out of the car. Two members of the Boston fire department who were on the car helped in quieting the panic and obtained a chemical extinguisher from the platform. They succeeded in putting out the fire in the car, but not before the passengers had been injured in the sudden flare of flame.

The hag of film scrap was being taken by I’banes Shirley, an employe of a brush factory on Commercial Street, Boston. from the studio of the Famous Players-T.asky Corporation. of New England, on Shawmut Avenue, to the factory to he converted into glue,

State Fire Marshal George C. Neal is conducting an investigation to fix responsibility for the accident. There is a law which provides that all film shall he carried in metal containers. The facts in the case are to be placed before the grand jury which has issued summons for a number of witnesses.

Appoint Fire Chief at Hatton, N. D.—M. S. Ilaakenson has been appointed chief of Hatton, N. D.. fire department.


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