Sherrard, Ill., has purchased a fire truck.

Le Roy, N. Y., has ordered a motor fire truck.

A new motor hose car has arrived in Watertown, Mass.

Saco, Me., has appropriated $4,000 for a piece of motor fire apparatus.

Haddonfield, N. J., will soon have another piece of motor fire apparatus.

A new chemical engine has been placed in the fire service at Roadstown, N. J.

The new station at Fort Douglas, Utah, has been equipped with motor fire apparatus.

Warren, Ark., has placed an order for a motor fire truck to be delivered in a few months.

The Seagrave Company will ship a piece of triple combination motor apparatus at Ogdensburg, N. Y.

Chief Bidekcr, of Fort Worth, Tex., has urged the motorization of the entire fire department at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Camp Gordon Fire Department, With American-LaFrance Triple Combination Pumping, Chemical and Hose Cars.

Franklin, N. H., has added a triple combination motor truck to its fire service which was equipped from the horse-drawn truck.

Norfolk, Va., will soon be equipped with five modern pieces of motor fire apparatus, among which is a 6-wheel aerial truck.

A triple combination fire truck has been ordered by Northborp, Mass., and another smaller piece of fire apparatus is to be purchased.

The city of Quincy, Ill., recently awarded a contract to the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, of Cincinnati, O., for a motor pumping engine.

Upon the receipt of its second piece of motor fire apparatus, a combination pump and hose car, the city of Durant, Okla., has abolished its horse-drawn equipment.

A new motor fire pump furnished the New Britain, Conn., fire department by the Maxim Motor Co.. Middleboro, Mass., has been tested satisfactorily and its work has pleased the officials.

Chief W. H. Platt, of the Highland Park, Mich., fire department has selected for his own official use a Maxwell roadster which is fully equipped and has so far made a good record for fire department service.

The Norfolk, Va., Board of Control has been expecting the arrival of a shipment of fire apparatus from the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company. This shipment includes an aerial truck, two pieces of motor apparatus and hose, representing an expenditure of $79,000.

The fire marshal of Racine, Wis., has been complimented on the condition of his department and especially upon the possession of motor fire pumpers, whose excellent work at the recent large tractor plant fire saved property which would more than pay the cost of this modern type of motor machines.

Camp Wadsworth, at Spartanburg, S. C., will soon be equipped with a modern fire department that is expected to be as efficient as any in a modern city. There will be stations at four different points. Each station will have seven standard pump, chemical, and hose cars. The department, which is in change of Lieutenant Arthur Haas of the Quartermaster’s Department, has at present seventeen enlisted men.

A demonstration of a Seagrave motor combination pump, chemical and hose car was given at Unionville, Conn., recently before fire officials of several cities, including Hartford, New Britain and New Haven. The successful work of the machine proved its merits. The pump, guaranteed for 325 gallons p.m., on test delivered 423 gallons; 110 pounds pressure was secured with two streams. The truck is fully equipped.

A successful test was given a new motor triple combination pump, chemical and hose car at Albany, N. Y., May 22, in charge of Chief Bridgeford. With a strong wind sweeping the Hudson River, high streams were thrown at the rate of 700 gallons a minute. More than 300 persons witnessed the exhibition, being city and fire officials. Chief Cornelius Casey, of Troy, and Chief Chadwick, of Saratoga Springs, were among the city officials present.

A parade of 14 new pieces of motor fire apparatus at Atlanta, Ga., recently marked the complete elimination of horse-drawn vehicles. Chief Cody, Mayor Candler, exChief Joyner, now fire marshal of Georgia, and members of the city council were seated in the new apparatus. Citizens were highly pleased over the arrival of the motor apparatus which is the most approved type known and will prevent a recurrence of the great conflagration of a year past.

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