Piqua, O., has installed a third piece of motor apparatus.

Mitchell, Neb., has a new motor chemical and hose car.

The fire department of Mishawaka, Ind., has been motorized.

Harrisburg, Pa., has bought a new motor combination chemical and hose cart.

Sidney, O., is having the fire department’s hook and ladder truck motorized.

Utica, N. Y., has put into service a new American-La France motor city service truck.

Salem, N. J., is considering motorizing the equipment of the town’s four companies.

York, Pa., has purchased two motor pumping engines from the American-La France Engine Company.

The new motor truck for the Bridgeton (N. J.) Fire Department will be ready for service about September 1.

The American-La France Engine Company has delivered a new motor combina-

South Bend Motor Combination Chemical and Hose Car Placed in Service on Blackwell’s Island.

tion chemical and hose car to the fire department of Savanna, Ill.

Relying on adequate protection by means of motor apparatus at the Central Fire Station, officials of Sandusky, O., have closed one district fire station.

The American-La France Engine Company has delivered a motor pumping engine and a motor combination chemical and hose car to the fire department of Stillwater, Minn.

The fire department of Dubois, Pa., is awaiting the delivery of two pieces of motor apparatus, recent purchases making four pieces of motor apparatus added to its equipment within the past year.

Chambcrsburg, Pa., has bought two pieces of motor fire apparatus from the Seagrave Company. One is an aerial ladder truck of the two-wheel front drive type equipped with a 6-cylinder motor, 116 horse power and the other a motor combination chemical and hose car.

The town council of the South Side, Bethlehem, Pa., has received two of the four pieces of motor apparatus recently ordered. When all the machines are delivered the new city of Bethlehem which is to date from January 1, next, will, it is stated, be well equipped with fire apparatus. Recently the East Side bought two motor engines, three chemicals and a ladder truck. The South Side will be equipped with a motor engine, two chemical trucks and a ladder truck. There are nine companies to handle the apparatus.

Most of the new fire apparatus bought by Harrisburgh, Pa., under the $60,000 fire loan will be distributed among the several fire companies of the city about August 25, according to City Commissioner Gross. It includes a triple combination pumper for the Camp Curtin company, three motor combination wagons for the Citizen, Royal and Susquehanna companies, a rebuilt Good Will engine with tractor attached, tractors to be attached to the Susquehanna and Paxton steamers , a second triple combination pumper, three motor combination chemicals and hose cars.

Some of the recent sales made by the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, are two engines at Lexington, Ky., one being a duplicate of the engine which made a fourteen-hour straight run at full capacity at Lexington on May 21. Cleveland recently aw-arded the company a contract for two engines, a Model M and a Model K; Beacon, N. Y., a Model MK-3; Bryn Mawr a K-4, Jr. This is the second engine that Bryn Mawr has purchased, Wilkes – Barre an MK-2, Cincinnati 13 pieces, 8 pumping engines and 5 tractors. The company has recently delivered to Atlantic City 4 of the new models known as Model N, having a capacity of 1,000 gallons. The first of these engines was delivered May 12, and the last one July 25; they were unloaded at Philadelphia and driven over the roads to Atlantic City, and in each instance made demonstrations cn route, and the total distance these machines were driven between Philadelphia and Atlantic City was between 80 and 90 miiles. Three of the machnes arrived at Atlantic City Friday night and went into their official test on Saturday noon, following. The company has also recently delivered at New Bedford, a Model K engine which is a part of an order for three.

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