Hints and Suggestions of Value in Its Care and Maintenance

Lubrication of the Motor Apparatus

Too much stress cannot be laid upon the importance of careful and intelligent lubrication of the moto_____ apparatus. To accomplish this requires not only an intimate knowledge o_____ the parts and their relation to each other but also the operator must know the proper material necessary for each part whether _____ght or heavy oil or grease, and also the frequency with which the lubricant must be applied, to receive the full advantage from its use. On this page is published a very clear diagram of the chassis of a fire truck, showing by the means of letters the times of lubrication best adapted to each part, and the proper lubricant for each. The general directions for this operation may be summed up as follows:

Motor: Oil daily, open oil level cock in lower crank case, pour oil into tank at side of front cylinder until it flows out of level cock, or until indicator reaches the required mark. Lock oil tank cover tightly and close oil level cock before starting.

Diagram Showing Frequency of Lubrication and Kind of Lubricant to be Used for Motor Apparatus. O indicates oil; G, grease; L, light; H, heavy; D, daily; W, weekly; M, monthly.

Cleaning: Cannot be done too thoroughly and often.

Transmission: Keep oil level with lower edge of filler openinginspect weekly.

Chains: Clean and oil a little.

The specifications for the light and heavy oil to be used are about as follows:

As to grease, any good soft cup grease is suitable. The oil tank of the motor heats the oil when starting the motor in cold weather so that it flows freely. It also cools this oil when motor is working its hardest, as the oil temperature may be as high as 300 degrees F, while the water in the cylinder jacket never exceeds 196 degrees F. For the diagram we are indebted to the International Motor Company. it being applied specifically to their Mack trucks.

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