Motor Trucks in Pittsburgh’s “Home Week” Parade

Motor Trucks in Pittsburgh’s “Home Week” Parade


“That was ‘some’ parade we had in Pittsburgh during ‘Old Home Week,’” said C. O. Sellman of the B. F. Goodrich Company’s Pittsburgh branch at a recent conference of Solid Tire Salesmen at Akron. “The parade lasted two hours and a half and covered 12 miles. Fight hundred and fifty machines, including trucks, made up a procession which was 45 minutes in passing the reviewing stand. The Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce won the prize for having the most cars in the line, their line-up being 44 cars long. The University of Pittsburgh won the prize for the most unique display, having 22 cars, each bearing a letter of the name of the university. Half the trucks in line were equipped with our tires,” was the significant statement made by Mr. Sellntan. “Significant as showing the attitude of Pittsburgh truck owners toward Goodrich Wireless Tires. The prize-winning three-ton Packard, owned by the Edward R. Ricck Company, one of the most uniquely decorated trucks in the parade, was on our tires, as was one of the tire trucks in the parade, which attracted considerable attention. Hilly Pittsburgh presents a problem to the motor truck user, and the tire that can ‘stand the racket’ has become very popular. The excellent attention given truck users by the service station of the local branch has done much to establish Goodrich Wireless Tires in favor.”

The parade attracted immense throngs and was received with much enthusiasm, especially those cars carrying unusual or unique decorations. The Rieck truck mentioned above was decorated in white, and carried children at tables eating ice cream. Milk bottles formed a large pyramid at the center of the design.

These facts and figures may be interesting:

Total number of cars in line, 850.

Total number of organizations having cars in parade, 33.

Total number of cars belonging to organizations, 441.

Total number of trucks belonging to organizations, 54.

Total cost of 850 cars in line (averaging $2,000 each), $1,700,000.

Lowest priced car in parade, $550.

Highest priced car in parade, $8,000.

Total route of parade, about 12 miles.

Length of time required for parade, 2½ hours

Time required for parade to pass reviewing stand, 45 minutes.

Rate of speed traveled by cars in parade, 10 miles per hour.

Number of different makes of cars in parade, 180.

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