Mt. Olive, N. C., Active in Fire Protection

Mt. Olive, N. C., Active in Fire Protection

Mt. Olive, N. C., a town of three thousand population, is active in protecting its citizens against fire., They have just completed a 250,000 gallon a day well.

The fire department under the command of Chief George E. Summerlin, has recently purchased a type 75 American-LaFrance pumper. The department has a hose and chemical car and they are planning to install a fire alarm system in the immediate future. The town had a low fire loss per capita, last vear, of 1.17.

Firemen Arouse Late Sleepers

The late sleepers in the Delta Theta Pi fraternity house in Sioux City, Ia., had a rude awakening when the firemen came to extinguish a fire on the roof.

When the firemen commenced to play fire streams on the hole in the roof, they were greeted by a wild outcry, and shortly afterward, three pajama-clad students rushed from the building. At first the students thought they were the victims of a hazing joke, but being upper class men. it took them some time to fathom the real cause of the drenching— when one of the three detected smoke, the real cause of the rude awakening, was evident.

Classes in the college start at nine, and it was 9:30 when tiie fire was discovered. The three late sleepers were not fitting exantplars of the proverb, “early to bed and early to rise.”

Gordonsville, Va., to Build Reservoir—Plans are being made in Gordonsville, Va., for the construction of another reservoir.

Mt. Canaan, Conn., Water Treated—The water of Mt. Canaan, Conn., was treated with copper sulphate in order to remedy the fishy taste.

Prosser, Wash., Issues Water Works Bonds—Prosser, Wash., has issued $75,000 iu bonds for the construction of a municipal water works system.

Lebanon, Pa., Considers Water Supply Problem—The chamber of commerce of Lebanon, Pa., plans to foster a movement for a better water supply system.

South Gate, Cal., Owns Water System—The people of South Gate, Cal., voted to issue $150,000 bonds for the purchase of the water works system. Of this issue, $125,000 was for the purchase and the balance for repairs and purchase of additional equipment. C. J. Tope who was water superintendent of the system for several years, has been retained as water works head.

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