Mt. Shasta, Cal., Host to Firemen

Mt. Shasta, Cal., Host to Firemen

A four-room house was erected by the Mt. Shasta Fire Department, in which to demonstrate methods of extinguishing various types of structural fires as a feature of the Northern California Firemen’s Association convention, held June 11 at Mt. Shasta, Cal. Several types of nozzles, along with a sprinkler system and the proper method of ventilating were also demonstrated. A pit was dug near this house and a number of teams, composed of members of the Mt. Shasta Department, demonstrated the proper way to handle oil and gasoline fires with fog nozzles, foam extinguishers and straight streams. The citizens of Mt. Shasta were invited to attend the demonstrations and they turned out in large numbers.

Just prior to the demonstrations, a parade was held with various kinds of fire equipment, mainly for the purpose of creating interest in the demonstrations.

The ladies were entertained by a tour to the Mt. Shasta fish hatchery, one of the largest trout propagation plants in the world.

Bart W. Arundel, Placerville, Cal., is Secretary-Treasurer of the association.

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