Municipal Plant at South Orange.

Municipal Plant at South Orange.

The village authorities of South Orange, N. J., are worried over the condition of the water supply, and no time will be lost in making connections between the village mains and the supply pipe that runs through the village from Millburn to Fast Orange. With the pressure reduced, according to reports, from a mean of 120 pounds to barely fifty pounds in the lower sections of the village, and with no water at all during parts of the day in the higher sections, the trustees admit reluctantly that the situation is serious. In case of fire the danger could not be estimated.

A municipal plant probably w ill be the outcome of the present agitation. The village now gets its supply from the Commonwealth Water com puny, of Summit, which also supplies Irvington and Milburn, but the water for the three places is now flowing through only one 4 in. pipe, under pressure from one pump. Carroll P. Bassett, president of the company, says that the company is installing new pumps and will soon he ready to furnish an ample supply. It is said that the 1,000,000 gal. reservoir, which is supposed to he drawn upon in emergencies like this, has only a foot of water in it. Speaking of the conditions, Andrew S. Taylor, former school trustee, recently said:

“I have requested the village trustees to terminate the contract with the Commonwealth company and take immediate steps to arrange for a municipal water supply.”

Village Trustee I fill has gone on record as favoring a municipal supply. He said he had looked over the plant installed four years ago by Fast Orange and was much impressed by it. He thought South Orange could not do better than to install a plant of its own.

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