Municipal Record

Municipal Record


Incorporation, Population, Water-works, Paving, Sewerage, Street Lighting, Fire Department, Financial Condition and List of Municipal Officers of Cities, Towns and Villages in the United States and Canada.

HUNTSVILLE, TEX., has a population of about 3000, and was incorporated in 1850. It has few municipal improvements. The streets are lighted with twelve lamps. Its total debt is $11,000; annual receipts, $3500, and expenses, $3000. Six per cent is paid on $10,000 school bonds. The city officers are: Mayor, T. H. Balt; city clerk, Fred B. Robinson; treasurer, V. H. Pace; chairman of finance committee, E. L. Parish; city civil engineer, H. C. Pritchett; chief of police, G. B. Oliphint; chief of fire department, F. O. Brown.

MEXIA, TEX.—The estimated population is 2500. It was incorporated in 1873. Its officers are: Mayor, Wm. E. Doyle; city clerk, R. W. Harris; treasurer, Wm. Kamsler; chairman of finance committee, John W. Blake; chief of police, John Davis; chief of fire department, E. V. Shopman; street inspector, George W. Archer; health officer, R. E. Moss. The city has no municipal improvements, except water-works, which are owned by the Mexia Water, Ice and Light Company. There are sixteen hydrants and five miles of mains. The president of the company is D. M. Prendergast, and secretary and superintendent, John R. Cooley. No improvements are definitely settled upon for the coming year. The city debt is $9765; yearly expenses, $6000, and receipts, $8000. Interest on bonds, six per cent.

BARTON, VT., was incorporated in 1874. The population is about 2500. The officers are; Village clerk, Jas. Buswell; treasurer, J. P. Baldwin; chairman of finance committee and superintendent of water-works, T. W. Drew; chief of police, E. C. Martin; chief of fire department, J. N. Webster; health officer, J. F. Skimer, M. D. The water-works, which are gravity, have just been completed. They are owned by the village. There are twenty hydrants and about four miles of pipe in use. The streets are lighted by thirty oil lamps. More hose will be required for the fire department. The total village debt is $20,000.

VERGENNES, VT.—This city was incorporated in 1788, and it has now an estimated population of 2000. It has a system of Water-works and sewerage, and the streets are lighted with forty oil lamps. There are thirty-four hydrants and six miles of pipe in use. The total debt of the city is $58,000; the yearly expenses, $8000, and the receipts about that sum. Four and six per cent interest is paid on bonds. The officers are: Mayor, C. T. Stevens; city clerk, J. D. Smith; treasurer, S. W. Hindes; superintendent of water-works, S. D. Miner; chief of police, Stephen Bates; chief of fire department, S. D. Miner.

CUERO. TEX., has a population of about 3000. It was incorporated in 1878. Its officers are: Mayor, H. F. Hill; city clerk, George H. Law; treasurer, M. J. Baker; chairman of finance committee, F. W. Bates; city civil engineer, G. H. Schleicher; chief of police, D. G. Benjamin; chief of fire department, John Lewis; health officer, D. B. Blake. The water-works, which are in course of construction, will comprise stand-pipe, thirty hydrants and six miles of mains. There is no paving, no sewerage system and the street lighting question is open. The total debt is $32,500, and yearly expenses, including water-works bonds, will be $6000. The yearly receipts are $6600, and interest paid on bonds six per cent.

SAN ANGELO, TEX., was incorporated in 1880. It has a population of 4000. Some streets are macadamized, but there is no sewerage system. The water-works are owned by the San Angelo Water-works Company, of which J. L. Millspaugh is president and superintendent and I. B. Sanderson, secretary. There are three miles of mains and forty hydrants set. The San Angelo Electric Light Company furnishes twelve lights for street lighting. The total debt is $10,000, upon which six per cent interest is paid. The Mayor is J. G. Preusser; city clerk, John F. Moorkens: treasurer, E. Cartledge; city civil engineer, Louis L. Farr; city marshal, Jas. D. Spiers; chief of fire department, James W. Echols,

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