Municipal Record

Municipal Record


Incorporation, Population, Water-works, Paving, Sewerage, Street lighting, /’ire Department, Financial Condition and List of Municipal Officers of Cities, Towns and Villages in the United States and Canada.

MEDINA, N. Y.—Located in Orleans county. This town has 5000 inhabitants and was incorporated in 1832. Following is a list of its officers: President, Albert J. Hill; city clerk, Frank J. Kearney; treasurer, Geo. A. Newill; superintendent street lighting, Jerry Iloody; chief of police, Edmund Fuller; chief of fire department, Fred. Ryan; street commissioner, George E. Allen; health officer, Dr. Edward Munson. There is no city debt. The annual expenditures and receipts are, respectively, $9000. The streets are macadamized, and there is a partial sewerage system now; but a perfect pipe system will shortly be constructed. The town is lighted by 150 gas and oil lamps by the Medina Gas Company. Electric lighting has been proposed, but has not been decided upon yet. The water-works system is the Holly, and is owned by the town. There are twenty-five hydrants and two miles of pipe. Estimates are being made for a complete water-works system. No additions to fire department are required at present.

STII.I.WATKR, Minn.—This city has a population of 16,438, and was incorporated in 1857. Its officers are : Mayor, Geo. M. Seymour; city clerk, E. A. Hopkins, Jr.; treasurer, Leonard Clark ; chairman of finance committee, F. 11. Yates ; city civil engineer, Lewis W. Clarke ; superintendent of waterworks, H. H. Harrison ; superintendent of street lighting, Geo. I.ow ; chief of police, Mathew Shortall ; chief of fire department, Frank E, Joy; street inspector, Thos. C. llutler; health officer, Dr. B. J. Merrill; fire alarm superintendent, W. E. Cooke, One-half mile of streets are paved with cedar block, anil some paving extensions are to be made this year, l’hc water system is gravity and pumping to reservoir and is owned by a company, which has eighty-eight hydrants set and alxiut seven miles of pipe laid. The city is lighted with 216 Incandescent lamps by the Stillwater Electric Light Company. No extensions to sewerage nor additions to fire department equipment are under consideration at present. The total debt $395,400 i and five, six, seven and ten per cent interest is paid on bonds.

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.—We are indebted to John 11. Ault, city clerk, for the following particulars respecting this city :

•’ It was incorporated in 1840, and numbers 15,000 inhabitants. Its officers are : Mayor, Luther F. Warder; city clerk, John 11. Ault; treasurer. Win. B. Veasey; chairman of finance committee, Thomas Sparks; city civil engineer, Jonathan Johnson ; superintendent of water-works, David M. Allen; chief of police, John E. Cole; chief of fire department, Win. T. Patterson ; chairman of fire and water committee, Wm. 1). Fonts ; street inspector, Thomas Kearns ; health officers, three, 1). C. Payton, F. N. Ruddle and J. Zuesner. Twenty miles of street sidewalks aie paved with brick and are lighted with 176 gas lamps by the Jeffersonville Gas Company. The question of lighting by electricity next year is under consideration. The water-works are owned by S. R. Bullock & Co. of New York. There are 110 hydrants and ten miles of pipe. The city has no sewerage system, and it is not proposed to put one in this year. No additions are proposed to the fire department equipment at present. The total city debt is $300,000, the yearly expenses $51′,000 and the receipts $85,000. Five and six per cent is paid on bonds.”

I.ARFDO, Tex,, has a population of 9000. It was incorporated in 1848. The following is a list of the city officers : Mayor, E. A. Atlee ; city clerk and treasurer, R, Vidaurri ; city civil engineer, Arthur F’oster; chief of police, Higiuio Garcia ; street commissioner, Arthur F’oster ; health officer Hr. J. P. Arthur. About four miles of the principal streets are paved with stone, brick and macadam. The city has no sewerage system now, but one is to be constructed this year. The system of water-works, which is the Holly, is owned by the Laredo Water-works Company. There are 100 hydrants and about twelve miles of pipe. An extension of six miles is proposed. The streets are lighted with loo electric lights by the Laredo Electric Light Company. No additions to the fire department equipment are under consideration at present. The bonded debt of the city is $75,000, the yearly expenditures about $20,000, and the receipts about $35,000. Six per cent interest is paid on bonds.

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