State Farm, Fire Museum Team to Teach Fire Safety

State Farm Insurance Company gave the Fire Museum of Maryland a $5,000 grant to help provide fire safety programs to Title One Schools in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. About 600 Title One students will receive a 60 percent discount off the tour cost and 32 schools in general will receive a $100 subsidy to offset the rising costs of bus rentals. Title I schools are public schools that have a Poverty Index of 75% or above, which indicates that at minimum three quarters of the students are living at the poverty line.

“The Fire Museum does a wonderful job in providing fire safety (instruction) in our area,” said John Holman, State Farm Insurance Agent in Towson, Maryland. Giving the grant is “good for everybody. We care about our clients and care about giving them that advantage.”

Latest figures show that in 2006, the Baltimore City Fire Department fought 389 fires and the Baltimore County Fire Department fought 450 fires in 2008, according Baltimore City and Baltimore County records.

“State farm is the largest insurer of homes in the country,” said Holman, and it has a “profound interest in the safety of our clients and their property.” State Farm Agent Bob Lewis, Burtonsville, Maryland and Holman were instrumental by approaching their company and supporting the grant request.

Teachers can contact the Fire Museum in Lutherville, Maryland to request inclusion in the grant program. The $100 bus subsidy will go to 16 Title One schools and 16 other schools in the City and Baltimore County. In addition, Title One students can receive the $3 student discount on the Bucket Brigade Tour.

The Bucket Brigade Tour is perfect for all ages where fire safety, practicing how to escape a burning building and doing the “stop, drop and roll” are a major portion of the tour. In addition, students tour the museum’s 40 fire engines, a 1871 reconstructed fire house, and the working 19th century alarm office. They can dress up in fire turnout gear and climb on a real fire engine. The regular admission is $5 for students, but with the grant discount the cost will be $2 per Title I student and teachers are always free.

The Fire Museum of Maryland has other tours that include the Ropes to Radiators tour, the Digging Baltimore tour, and the Build the Engine tour. All of which are guaranteed to be a great time for students and teachers alike.

“Everything was great! The kids loved it and the parents and teachers felt it was fun and informative…I liked [the tour guide’s] presentation. He spoke on their level and had activities for them,” said a teacher from Timonium United Methodist Nursery School.

All the tours meet Maryland State Curriculum standards in Social Studies, the “Digging Baltimore” tour also meets curriculum for Elementary Archaeology, and the “Build the Engine” tour meets the standards for Elementary Science curriculum. Students taking the “Ropes to Radiators” Tour, get a tour of a modern fire station and the Bucket Brigade tour.

To schedule a tour or request the bus subsidy, call Rob Williams at 410-321-7500, or go to and fill out the tour request form under the “Education” tab. Make your subsidy request under “Comments or Questions.”


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